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Peter Tri, CEO 8Food & Fake Paid Articles




Peter Tri is the Founder, and CEO of 8Food, an Australia-based, multi-million-dollar condiment manufacturing company – Bio from Paid Article

Paid Interviews and Articles of Peter Triantos a.k.a Peter Tri speaks majorly about the success and struggles he faced while building his multi-million-dollar condiment manufacturing company. Coming from a financially modest family, Tri dropped out of high school at the age of 16 years old and went on to build his business up from scratch. He started his entrepreneurial journey with five run-down chicken grill bars and gradually moved into food manufacturing. That’s when 8Food came into the picture. Tri’s success story may seem inspiring and no doubt Peter Tri is a successful entrepreneur so his expertise and struggle but not his below Interview, Success Stories, and Feature Articles.

Speaking about his paid feature articles, it mostly revolves around his company and his products. It seems like he is trying to promote his business through these articles. Not only that, Peter Tri is verified on Instagram and Facebook. Along with promoting his company, he has achieved the blue badge by doing these paid and sponsor articles. Through these paid articles and fake interviews, Peter Tri has gained enough credibility and has built trust among his customers.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ] [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]


When you have a multi-million-dollar business, then investment in self-branding seems completely fair. His articles mainly focus on his success stories, product, and how he plans to expand his company. When you are paying publications in $$$$, you have the leverage to glamourize the way you want. Few Publications solely work on the “Pay to Publish” Model and are very common publications that claim to be media outlets but actually are WordPress sites created to dump interviews and success stories. Anyone can buy this from or for $50 – $100.


Apart from the above-paid articles, a few of his articles on published in credible publications which feature your articles under Sponsor Content with a disclaimer for $800 – $999. Publications like Flaunt, DailyCaller and Modern Luxury Manhattan have helped bag the blue badge. Peter Triantos has invested a good $$$$ in self-branding, no wonder his credibility has sky-rocketed.


Forbes has been a dream publication for many entrepreneurs and getting featured in Forbes would be a great achievement. But when you have a PR service provider with strong contacts, getting featured on Forbes becomes easier.  Forbes Monaco allows posting any story or article under their brand content program which cost $3000.  But Peter Triantos is seen sharing an article with a fellow entrepreneur in the Forbes Monaco article which is Fake and Paid and written for one purpose – “Name in Title” for Social Media Verification.

This is an old method adopted by PR service providers to club 2 clients in a single article to share the cost.

Do not be surprised by his inclusion in one more of Paid articles “10 Influencers to Follow in 2022“. The List is nothing but a made-up paid list that includes other entrepreneurs too who paid to get on this list to share the cost of publishing.

We now look forward to some real and  organic media coverage instead of Paid.


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