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Petru Pereu, Youtuber & Son of Elena Pereu Scammer?




Petru Pereu, a 19-year-old YouTuber from Moldova and son of Elena Pereu, has recently come under fire for reportedly scamming a digital agency out of a $2000 service fee. The agency, “Get Featured Media,” claims that Petru failed to honor his payment commitment after they successfully verified his YouTube channel [ Crypto Flash ].

According to reports, Petru Pereu operates three YouTube channels, namely Flash Cash, Flash Verse, and Crypto Flash. The controversy revolves around his Crypto Flash channel, which allegedly had insufficient subscribers and was not initially eligible for YouTube verification. Seeking to attain verification status, Petru engaged the services of “Get Featured Media”, a PR & Digital agency who offers “YouTube Verification Services for YouTube Channel under 100k subscriber” and promised to pay the agreed-upon fee upon verification. To process the Verification services , Petru has given below ID document to the agency as confirmation to process the service which is shared below.


However, once his YouTube channel [ Crypto Flash] received the verification badge, Petru allegedly cut off communication and vanished, leaving the agency unpaid. Despite multiple attempts by the agency to contact him and collect the outstanding fee, Petru reportedly blocked their messages stating the reason that he was just trying the service and does not want to the pay the fee.

This incident raises concerns about the ethical conduct of young content creators like Petru Pereu, who have a significant influence on their impressionable audiences. While many individuals his age strive to learn positive values and contribute to society, Petru’s alleged involvement in scams at such a young age is disheartening. It remains unclear whether Elena Pereu, Petru’s mother, is aware of her son’s alleged fraudulent activities. As a responsible parent, it is crucial for her to address and rectify these issues, fostering a culture of integrity and ethical behavior.

The case of Petru Pereu serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and honesty in the digital world. As more young individuals venture into online platforms, it is essential to promote ethical practices and hold accountable those who engage in fraudulent activities.

The affected agency, “Get Featured Media,” published the whole story on their official website with all the proofs and intends to expose this young scammer.

As the story unfolds, it serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring content creators and emphasizes the significance of maintaining integrity and ethical conduct throughout their online endeavors. The digital world should be a space for creativity, collaboration, and genuine interactions, not a breeding ground for scams and deceit.

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