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Annetta Powell, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Fake Paid Articles




” Annetta Powell is an entrepreneur and founder of many businesses such as The Wealth Connect, Infinity Properties Group, The Tax Experts, Blitz Luxury Rentals and part of Abram Powell Foundation.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Annetta Powell is passionate about helping others achieve her kind of success with real estate. Her Paid Article revolves around her struggle life to a successful venture in various niches. We also came across some of the articles that say Annetta Powell was imprisoned for 2 years for some real estate fraud. It is believed that she made a comeback in real estate and sold over 600 properties. That’s really a great achievement.

When you are doing good in your Business, it is a wise decision to invest something in some Paid and Sponsor Articles For Self Branding and Verification. This is why we can see she has posted a lot of Paid Articles in various publications. An additional benefit of doing paid post gives you a Verified Badge that increases the credibility and trust factor among her consumer. And yes you need to share in your Social Media as if they are organically covered. Anyone can get covered in the below publications for $50 – $700. What’s great about that?


We will explore a lot of Paid articles that she did to promote herself and her ventures  – The Wealth Connect,  Infinity Properties Group, The Tax Experts, and  Blitz Luxury Rentals.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]




Getting featured in Media Outlets / Publications is not easy as it requires you to be a notable person or credible individual for the publication to cover you. But when you have $$$ then the pre-requisite to get featured does not apply.  Her journey from her humble beginning to leading a real estate company is really inspiring and the story needs to be covered in the press. Doesn’t matter if it’s Paid as long as it looks Organic and real. You can take pride in these paid articles to showcase on your website to increase the trust factor among your consumers.

A  perfect example of showcasing paid articles to their own benefit can be seen in one of her websites with the below Banner.  Seriously?  Are really featured?  Those all are Paid Articles that anyone  can buy from or for $200 –  $700


Since the below Publications are known for their “Pay to Publish”  Model, they are least interested in the entrepreneur’s credibility or content. Anyone can get featured in the below publications.  You just need to give them a draft and they publish anything. The Publication itself is known for a spamming feature article with having zero credibility. Many of them are even spam websites that cost you $20  such as TimeBulletin, GlobeStatsCoveragelog, and Vernamagazine.

Below is a list of Publications where we can see Annetta Powell’s Sponsor / Fake Content. She rebuilt her real estate empire to new higher levels, created her dream life, and now she aims to help millions of others create and live their dream lives as well. After doing all this, she really deserves to be on  Media Outlets but unfortunately, we find all of the below articles  Paid.  So it’s difficult to believe her claim of being a Real  Estate Mogul.

Annetta-Powell-Paid--ArticleJust in case anyone wants to Buy an Interview or Feature Article then visit or  and you will find tons of Freelancers that offer below publications at cheap prices.  For example, an article on Influencive cost you $99, while the article on  TechTime cost $499  and so on.

Annetta Powell among top 5 or 10 Entrepreneurs List. How?

An Article on Entrepreneur India with the title ” 7 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2021″ covered  Annetta Powell as one of the Entrepreneurs along with 6 others listed in it.  The Article itself is Fake and Paid.  Entrepreneur India allows you to post sponsored content for $1500. So basically you can create your desired list of any entrepreneurs you want and you get it published on Entrepreneur for $$$$. In this case, it looks like each individual listed in this article has been charged $300 – $500 to get on the list. Just visit the Entrepreneur Author Profile and see the sponsor tag in the article.

This Entrepreneur India  ARTICLE is 100% Fake and  Paid –


Here are more of such Fake & Paid  List. All of the Individuals listed in this article are ones who themselves did paid articles. We covered a few of them in our own publications such as Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen. Yahoo Finance article cost you $300. So nothing great in such a hoax list.

Annetta Powell is now verified with the above Fake Articles.  Maybe you can also follow her and get yourself verified.

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