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Ralph DiBugnara, Disruptors Network & Fake Paid Articles



Ralph DiBugnara is a Vice President at Cardinal Financial, President of Home Qualified, Mortgage Banker, Real Estate Investor and member of  Forbes Real Estate Council” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Ralph DiBugnara is a mentor to many real estate agents who wants to flourish in the real estate niche. Ralph provides the opportunity to not only make connections but also share the brand-building strategies of real estate. He has a lot of achievements under his sleeves for which he really deserves to be covered in many media outlets. But we found most of his articles paid which organic and real but they are not. Those are sponsor paid which anyone can buy for $100 -$500.

Ralph DiBugnara’s now started the new concept  “The Disruptors Network” which will focus on entrepreneurs who are breaking new ground with successful businesses and making real changes to help others and lift their communities. And it requires promotion as well. Hence his latest paid articles are around him talking more about The Disruptors Network.

You can see him on Facebook sharing the paid articles and appreciating them as if they are real articles. For Example “Top Entrepreneurs To Follow During Covid-19” on Fox and Yahoo is  Paid  Article. There’s nothing to flaunt about it. We will explore more of his Sponsor and Paid Articles below.Facebook--Post-Ralph-DiBugnara

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after  doing Paid Articles ] [ Verified after  doing Paid Articles ]


Being the credible real estate expert at the moment ( as says his fake and paid articles ), Ralph Dibugnara [ Disruptors Network ] solves problems and offers solutions that elevate the real estate market in the right way. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who finds new solutions to leverage the real estate industry, for himself and his community. In the same way, he has opted for a unique way to promote himself and that is through Interview and Feature article which looks like Organic and Real.

He has been taking pride in the below publication’s articles and using them to market himself. Below is the “As  Seen Been” Banner that is placed on his personal website. Instead, it should be “paid For”.


When you are successful in your niche then it is wise to invest some $$$$ in Self Branding and he did it in the right way by opting for sponsor articles in the below publications. Below are the publications where he has been featured which can be bought for $10  – $200.   Most of the Publication are spam websites that are known for the “Pay to Publish”  Model and merely created to dump paid interviews.

For Example –  The article on Disrupt Magazine  cost you $50, LaProgressive $150, Fox Interviewer $100 on and [ You can  buy this article from here – ]


Don’t be surprised by Ralph Dibugnara’s mention in Yahoo and Fox’s article “Top Entrepreneurs To Follow During Covid-19“. The article itself is Fake and Self-drafted by a PR Service provider who is known for fooling clients in name of featuring them as in the top 10 entrepreneurs.  If you google each person in this article, you will find all of them doing paid articles similar to Ralph Dibugnara. It’s basically an article listed with 10  entrepreneurs who paid $$$ to get themselves featured and then the article is posted on Yahoo Network through PR Services of GlobeNews Wire or EdTimes or LATESTLY.  The Commercial to Post on Yahoo is a $400 one-time fee through PR Services.

BTW Real Entrepreneurs don’t need to pay anyone to get listed. Institutions and Publication recognize them organically and list them.


It is not surprising to see the IBTIMES paid article of Ralph Dibugnara sharing a spot with Madison Dalmaso. Ibtimes  Sponsor Article cost $2500, hence it is a wise decision to share the cost. The paid article says “Madison Dalmaso and Ralph DiBugnara might excel in very different fields, but they have a lot in common.” One of the common purposes is to get verified and featured. And both are doing well. Madison Dalmaso and Ralph Dibugnara have a common PR Service provider it seems.


 We like to see more Real Interviews and Feature articles instead  of Sponsor, Paid, and Fake

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