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Rob Terell, Artist | Celebrity Business & Fake Paid Articles




“Robert Terell is a CEO & Music Artist. He is also a Celebrity Business Manager, motivational speaker, author, financial strategist, and serial entrepreneur” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Apart he being Celebrity Business Manager, he also offers PR Services to his fellow artist ( clients ). No Doubt, he knows all about Paid Articles and the importance of PR. We will explore the Paid Placement articles that he brags on his Instagram. These Publications are available on for merely $50 – $100. He recently launched the Book “Finance The Dream: Creative financing for Creative people” which he is promoting on VillageVoice, OceanDrive, and  AbsoluteBaller through paid options which you can buy for $100.

For Example


When you want a Wikipedia page and you are not eligible then why not have a Page on some Wikipedia replica website – and which can be created at a mere $50 – $100.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Fake Articles. Now De-verified ] [ Verified due to below Fake Articles ]


Rob Terell‘s Fake paid article speaks about his journey from unpaid intern to Music Mogul which is quite interesting. His article also speaks about how great he is in the music industry and having a portfolio working with various artists, industry professionals, and launches. To keep it short, Getting his own article published in various publications has two benefits for him – 1. He can enhance his own credibility and 2. He can show his own interview/feature articles to pitch to other professionals for PR.

If you browse his Instagram, you can find a log of posts appreciating feature articles as if it’s organic.

For example,  His Instagram post  [ ] where he is appreciating the publication for the cover. But we all know  Disrupt Magazine can be purchased merely for $50  – $99 from or any other Freelancing site. His expertise and achievements are real but not the below interviews and feature articles.

Below are the Publications where we can see Robert Terell’s  Fake Paid article.  These publications are known for their Pay-to-Publish Articles. They are available to post anything you want from a price range of $50 – $400. Below Publications are available to purchase on You just need to draft your own article and give it the to publish. Since you are paying for this article, you have the leverage to glamorize yourself to any extent. Even you can call yourself – A music Mogul without being one.

Rob-Terell's-Paid-Interviews [ Shitty website merely for $20 ] [ $99  Publishing Cost ] [ Community Post, You can register and  submit your own article free of cost ] [ $50 $99 ] [ $50 $99 ] [ $50 $99 ] [ $50 $99 ]

You will find him appreciating his interview/feature article on Fox, Wrde, WFMJ, Digital Journal, and a few others on his website – These articles are now deleted, hope he is aware. Btw these are not real Fox, CBS, or NBC sites but affiliate sites that you can post through the press release service.

With $$$ comes paid article. Hope all articles are not fake and paid. We look forward to some real articles about him.


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