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Roberto Asseily, CEO Metapreneurs & Fake Paid Articles




“Roberto Asseily is the co-founder and CEO of Metapreneurs, NFT Project.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Roberto Asseily Paid Interviews and Fake Articles are mostly around his NFT project – Metapreneurs. He began with this project in 2021 and is successfully leading a team of 30 employees, including developers, graphic designers, and community managers. According to his Paid Articles, he attained financial freedom at a very young age and is on a mission to help others find the same with his NFT project. His articles solely explain how his NFT project is a big hit and how it will help people enhance their knowledge of entrepreneurship. One will notice that Roberto is seen explaining the benefits of his NFT project which is evident as NFT needs branding and exposure and what better way than getting featured?

We are not doubting Roberto Asseily NFT project’s potential or his expertise and skillset but only exploring the paid interviews and feature articles. Roberto Asseily understands the importance of Paid articles and hence he has wisely invested in paid articles which he flaunts on his social media.  For example –  His  Forbes Monaco article is paid one but can be seen as “Featured”  in his  IG Profile.




Roberto Asseily‘s Metapreneur has a community of more than 90K members and he aims to get more members under his NFT project. The reason behind doing paid articles is very clear in his case as he wants to reach out to as many people as possible but along with that he also wants to enhance his credibility and prove his authenticity. He has invested a lot in self-branding but his articles seem very monotonous. When you are spending a good amount then why not spend some on a content team? A few Publications do not care about plagiarism hence they don’t mind self-drafted articles. These publications majorly work on the “Pay to Publish” model and can be bought from any freelancing sites like or People per Hour or may you can directly approach the publication for paid placement.

For example – Khaleej times cost $600,  LaWeekly $300, etc.



Buying a Sponsor article is a new trend especially when you are not credible enough to get featured.  Forbes  Monaco along with Chicago Tribune let anyone publish their own content under their advertising program. This article comes with a disclaimer. Basically, you draft your own desired content and these publications publish your content for $1000 – $2000.


I Hope Metapreneurs and Roberto Asseily get some real media  coverage


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