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Rod Berger, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions



Forbes-Contributor-Rod-Berger is a prominent USA Media Publication focus on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. Being featured in a Forbes media outlet is not only a matter of prestige but also boosts credibility. Such recognition opens new doors and establishes you as an authority in your field, carrying significant personal and professional benefits.

Due to its immense popularity, both entrepreneurs and businesses are willing to allocate a substantial budget to secure a mention in a Forbes article. This opportunity arises if a Forbes contributor decides to write about them based on their pitching, which is deemed an organic method for gaining media coverage. However, the vast number of unsolicited pitches flooding contributors’ inboxes often leads to many of them being ignored.

To expedite the pitching process, some resort to PR agencies that have unethical connections with Forbes contributors, offering monetary incentives for coverage. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for both the PR agency and the contributors. As a result, for those with a budget ranging from $2000 to $10,000 (depending on the type of article, such as brand mention, semi-feature, or full feature), getting featured in Forbes becomes an achievable reality rather than an elusive dream.

Contributors take care to make these mentions or features appear organic and indistinguishable to the average reader. However, professionals in PR services can easily recognize when mentions have been paid for. In this context, we aim to expose contributors who frequently include paid mentions in their columns, with some of our clients being placed under the guise of “organic” articles authored by such contributors.


One of such Forbes contributor is Rod Berger. He is TEDx speaker, an education and health care industry strategist having covered thought leadership and entrepreneurship for Forbes. Lets explore some of his paid mentions, out of which one of them is our source client too who paid for this mention.

Disclaimer: Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch.

The references to Case Barnett, co-founder of Case Barnett Law, and Samantha D. Malloy, from Rogue Family Law, in this article are sponsored mentions. These mentions follow the format of a Brand Mention, wherein a quote or comment is featured, giving due credit to the respective client, including their Name, Designation, Company Name, and a Backlink. Rod Berger article do give value to the reader.

Here’s another instance of a Rod Berger Forbes article that can be categorized as a semi-feature, providing more substantial coverage to the client compared to a mere mention. In this case, the article includes a section on Heath Walters, the founder of The Walter Institute, followed by a mention of Michael Carter, CPA, and president of Carter Financial Consulting. Both of these references are sponsored mentions.


This article is example of Brand Mention of Ryan Buttigieg, marketing and e-commerce consultant from the U.K and Jeremy Leung, COO and co-founder of the e-commerce logistics company Ascend Ecom. We have covered Ryan Buttigieg in a whole article who has done lot of paid PR articles, hence we are not surprised with this paid Forbes mention. Also Rod Berger has given backlink  in the article to keyword ” Ascend Ecom” to ( which is not even active. ) for Jeremy Leung. Mr. Jeremy is also seem to be fraudster whom Rod Berger has covered in his article


The list can go on…..

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