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Roman Shapovalov, Real Estate & Fake Paid Articles



Roman-Shapovalov Real-Estate

“Roman Shapovalov is a Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur” – Bio from Paid Articles

His paid articles speak about his struggle life from odds jobs to a breakthrough career in the real estate niche. After careful deliberation and research, he launched his own real-estate firm which seems a successful venture as per his paid articles. When you are successful in any niche then it’s obvious you need to put this achievement to the crowd. This is why we can see that Roman Shapovalov has posted a lot of paid articles in various publications. This also helped him to get verified. Check his Facebook Post

Some of the Fake paid articles portray him as the Ace of the Real Estate Industry. Seriously? We could have considered him credible and Ace if those interviews/feature articles would have been organic and real. Not Paid and Fake. Indeed he has come a long way with this SELF POSTED PAID STORY.

Tips: You can follow his all-paid articles and get yourself verified too.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Forgot to renew it seems ] [ Verified after below-paid articles ] [ Verified after below-paid articles ]


When you are taking the real estate industry by storm as one of the rising entrepreneurs then you need exposure and credibility. And what can be the best way other than this below sponsor paid articles? These articles are 100% paid and can be bought for $400  – $500 from freelancers offering PR services.

Anyone can buy articles on Publications such as SFWeekly,  VillageVoice, JPost, and Daily Caller from


More Fake & Paid  Articles…

When you are looking to get verified then it’s obvious you need to have a few organic-looking articles and in quantity too. This is why we will find Roman Shapovalov has heavily invested in paid articles in various publications.   These publications are spam and merely used to post feature articles for $50 – $100. Many of the articles are posted repeatedly in a few of the publications which clearly shows the credibility of publications themselves that accept any content as long you pay them.

But who cares as long you are getting verified? Just a simple Google search on his name and you will find tons of fake self-posted paid articles.  Looks like Roman Shapovalov bought paid article package to promote.



Sometimes you have to share the article with other entrepreneurs as well if you have budget issues.  For example article on IBtimes India and  Singapore, version is cheap as compared to the UK  version, hence you may find many of the Ibtimes  UK  version is not part of the paid article for many entrepreneurs. 

Sal-Rich-Ibtimes-Paid--Articldr [ Shared Article ]

It’s difficult to trust someone’s credibility having lots of Fake Paid articles.  Hope we come across Roman Shapovalov’s real coverage.


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