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Saahil Kumar Chathrath, Scammer & Fake Paid Articles




“Saahil Kumar Chathrath, ( Real Name is Sahil Kumar from Ludhiana, Punjab ) the self-proclaimed founder of Digilus Technologies and ISC Technologies, Trader, and Businessman.” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Saahil Kumar Chathrath‘s paid interviews and feature articles, Saahil Kumar has been very hardworking and determined about his career. His Real Name is Sahil Kumar, not Saahil Kumar. Not sure why his fake paid articles used the wrong name. Seems like a major mess up in drafting articles.  He claims that he founded Digilus Technologies and ISC Technologies. Along with this, he also found success in stock trading and forex.  His paid articles were done with the strategy to get his social media accounts verified as an entrepreneur followed by articles that portrayed him as an Artist. Sahil’s paid articles related to being a music artist were done with the purpose of getting his accounts verified which is easier as compared to getting verified as an Entrepreneur that we will explore later.

Saahil Kumar Chathrath aka Sahil Kumar in his paid articles claims to be a successful entrepreneur and wants to motivate young people worldwide through success stories. What could have been the best way to promote yourself and your success stories? Media Coverage is one of the ideal ways for self-promotion and indirectly contributes to Social media verification. His Achievements, Struggle, and Skillset may be True but not the below interviews and feature articles which are self-drafted and paid. These publications can  be purchased from Fiverr or PeoplePerHour, Swapd, or PR Freelancer for $100 – $1000 ( depending on the credibility of the publications )

Warning: We received numerous complaints from a few users for his fraudulent scams. Someone who claims to be an Entrepreneur is not always an honest entrepreneur. BEWARE !!.  He is a self-proclaimed Entrepreneur. Recently as of 8th Dec 2022, Apart from the below fake paid articles, Mr. Sahil Kumar 26 year Indian Fraudster from Ludhiana, Punjab is on run after Scamming Mr.Liridon Vrapca with $43,450 in Crypto Money Exchange Scheme. A lot of Paid Articles were removed after this Scam such as Forbes.  The victim is ready to reward anyone who is willing to share his personal information. 



Saahil Kumar Chathrath understands the importance of Self  Branding, hence he opted for media coverage is not a surprise.  Eventually, with a fee, the below publication publishes anything. These Publications do not care about the content given by the clients nor about plagiarism or copy-pasted content. Many of the articles of Saahil Kumar Chathrath are published under “brand content” or “sponsor content” with a disclaimer that is self-explanatory that it is paid and can be purchased from any PR agency or Freelancer ranging from $99 – $999. Along with this, he has also published his articles in Spam publications just to enhance his name’s mention on the internet which will eventually help him in the verification process.

For Example – VillageVoice for $499, Khaleej Times for $799, Disrupt Magazine for $49, Chicago Tribune for $2500, etc.

Saahil Kumar Chathrath Entrepreneur

Indian Entrepreneurs PR cannot be completed without having Indian News Coverage under the profile. Indian  Publications offers anyone to post their content with Disclaimer as Brand Content or Sponsor content tag. This is why they are affordable and cheap. Earlier, They used support for Verification. The Digilus Technologies LLC founder’s article published under Indian publication is merely published with the purpose of having “Name in the Article Title” and does not give any value to the readers. Indian Publications are cheaply available on for $50 – $100. 

Saahil-Kumar-Chathrath Entrepreneur


At an early age when people still struggle with their career options and qualifications, Saahil Kumar Chathrath has already achieved the title of a successful entrepreneur which is commendable. Successful achievements are sometimes not enough for social media verification. This is why Paid PR is the shortcut to verification. Getting verified as an Artist is much easier as compared to the Entrepreneur Category. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs portray themselves as an artist through Paid interviews and feature articles including Saahil Chathrath.

Verified  Fake Spotify Profile  as Artist –

Below Publications can be bought as Music PR Package that is sold by many PR service provider for Artist verification.



It only takes a budget of $2000 – $3000 to get featured on Forbes Monaco.  Forbes Monaco offers to publish your own content under their Paid Program with a disclaimer “The content featured in this article is brand produced.”. This gives leverage to glorify yourself as you like. Can we really trust the article which is self-drafted and paid?

Update: His Forbes  Article is deleted after he scammed a foreign national for $43,450


Saahil Kumar Chathrath does not specialize in one particular area which itself is Shady.


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