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Savo Vukcevic, CEO dFund | RPC Fund & Fake Articles



Savo Vukcevic is CEO of dFund & was hedge fund manager at RPC Fund Management – Bio from Paid Articles

According to the paid PR interviews & Feature articles, Savo was raised in a family of stock speculators. His paid article says that He was naturally good with finances and at the age of 16, he took the decision to put his own hedge fund business, RPC Fund Management, ahead of his studies. He is frequently portrayed in his self drafted paid articles as a youthful hedge fund specialist who has amassed wealth because to his abilities. Additionally, according to these paid articles, Savo allegedly assisted his clients in making large profits during the previous five years. But if these pieces had been genuine and unpaid, that would have been more sincere and appreciated. While Savo’s expertise and achievements may be true, the articles mentioned below are definitely paid, fake, and self-drafted which can be purchased from various PR freelancer or Freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Peopleperhour for $50 – $999.



Establishing credibility in the cryptocurrency or financial sector frequently entails exhibiting knowledge by helping others double their investments through advise or ideas, or by showcasing recognition through media attention and publicity. Paid PR articles are a tried-and-true way to increase credibility. These pieces promote both trust and credibility among readers or customers. It might be worthwhile to opt for paid publishing if you’re a person working in financial sector. Savo Vukcevic regularly publishes multiple feature articles in a variety of media, all of which are available for purchase. The statements stated in these articles, however, are frequently viewed with scepticism because of their sponsored nature.

For example – Khaleej times $600, Flaunt $800 etc.



Claiming to be the “World’s Youngest Hedge Fund Manager” doesn’t mean much if you decide to publish self drafted content on your own on below publications. Anyone may publish their own content on below publication under their sponsored content or brand content. Since they don’t have stringent editorial guidelines for this type of content, the pieces we read are typically promotional and provided by the client.

Savo-Vukcevic IBTimes

 Self Promotion through paid PR is a old tool and Savo Vukcevic know how to use it well.


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