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Babatunde Oyebode, A Known Scammer & Fraudster




Prior to Meta introducing paid subscriptions, Instagram verification represented credibility and an esteemed status symbol, denoted by a blue checkmark on a user’s profile. Obtaining an Instagram-verified profile, indicated by the blue checkmark, validated the authenticity of the account holder. In the earlier days, the pursuit of acquiring this blue checkmark was fiercely competitive and intricate.

Numerous PR agencies devised unethical methods to secure Instagram verification, offering the service for $20,000 to $30,000 to entrepreneurs. This scheme involved fabricating fake PR articles to flood search engines with interviews and features, portraying the user as noteworthy and credible. These manipulated articles along with their Instagram Profile were then submitted through Meta Media portals which has higher success chance as compared to self applying through Instagram App. This persuaded numerous entrepreneurs to choose such services in pursuit of the coveted blue tick. Eager to obtain this status symbol, these entrepreneurs were willing to invest substantial amounts. Many of them are already exposed on our website itself.

However, even after having so many PR articles, entrepreneurs’ profiles were occasionally rejected, necessitating the creation of more PR content for reapplication. This entire process of creating additional PR articles and re applying extends the timeline to more 30 – 60 days. Numerous desperate entrepreneurs resorted to the fake artist method to attain verification instead of “PR Article” approach, while others, particularly in the business and entrepreneurial realm, chose to patiently wait, diligently creating more PR content before reapplying. This intense competition to obtain verification opened up a lucrative business opportunity for many PR agencies and service providers, offering a “100% Guaranteed Verification” service for entrepreneurs unwilling to wait for the typical 1 to 3 months required for the PR creation and application process.

Yet, the strategy of “100% GUARANTEED VERIFICATION WITHOUT PR” carries repercussions, became the hot selling services across PR industry. This process is typically facilitated by Meta representatives or dubious methods, potentially subjecting the verification badge removal.


Babatunde Oyebode, a self proclaimed digital media expert who offfers Twitter / Facebook/ Instagram / YouTube Verification, deceived over 50 entrepreneurs, swindling approx $1 million in the name of Instagram Verification under the “100% GUARANTEED VERIFICATION WITHOUT PR” scheme. His service promised verification without any PR articles, a prerequisite for entrepreneurs seeking verification within 5 days. Oyebode claimed to have a connection with a Meta representative who could verify anyone, regardless of their credibility, for a fee ranging from $10,000 to $12,000. Many entrepreneurs fell for his fraudulent offer, only to have their verification badges revoked later. Currently, Oyebode is on the run, scamming numerous entrepreneurs. Further investigation revealed that he is a known con artist and fraudulent scammer from Lagos, Nigeria. He operated as a seller ( @mcevans ) on SWAPD Forum, a marketplace for various digital services.

His Service Thread –

Scam Exposed Thread –


Babatunde Oyebode’s extravagant lifestyle showcased on Instagram is financed by the proceeds from his fraudulent services offered on different digital platforms. Numerous reports indicate that this scam artist is undergoing trial for his past criminal act by legal authorities in Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently residing in the UAE while flaunting his luxurious lifestyle.

He is linked to various businesses, all of which appear to exist only on his social media profiles and lack any real presence.  He claims to be :

CEO OF evanz-agency
CEO OF Faya Herbal Nig Limited [ ]
CEO OF The Flazzh App
CEO OF Huzzle Incbiz Services Limited Ng [ ]
CEO of Huzzle Incbiz Nigeria Limited [ ]

His Instagram Profile –

Whatsapp/Phone used for Fraud: +971556195183

Disclaimer: This article is submitted by a victim of Babatunde Oyebode’s scam, and all the information provided is substantiated with evidence. If you have fallen victim to his YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook Verification Scam Service, we encourage you to share your story with us. Your experiences can help raise awareness and prevent others from becoming victims of similar scams.



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