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Sean Smutny, Truth Enterprises & Fake Paid Articles




Sean Smutny is the Owner of Rebellious Wealth Lifestyle RWLS and co-founder of Truth Enterprises. – Bio from Paid Articles

Sean Smutny‘s Paid Interviews and success articles explain a lot about his Cannabis company, Truth Enterprises. Sean started this company along with his two friends and plans on becoming a major supplier of packed cannabis all over California. He started his entrepreneurship with his clothing line “Rebellious Wealth”. For starting his cannabis company, he had to take immense risks but it worked out all well in the end. California is a state which has legalized cannabis use for commercial purposes but there few states and countries which are still against it. So the point here is, most Publications would avoid publishing such type of content. Few would have agreed to get it published only because money is involved. That’s how Publications work when they have to publish sponsored content.

Sean Smutny’s life struggles, skillset, and achievements are inspiring and true. But unfortunately, his below interviews and success stories are Paid for and sponsored.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Sean Smutny is the Co-founder of Truth Entreprises which owns multiple licenses for the distribution, cultivation, and manufacturing of cannabis. Digital presence through feature articles not enhances credibility but also supports verification, hence opting for paid articles is really worth the investment, especially for an entrepreneur who claims to be successful. He is verified on his social media platforms where these paid articles might have played a major role in getting the blue tick. He has invested a good amount of $$$$ on semi-premium and premium Publications which are assumed to be part of the social media verification and offer brand content for a fee.


He has also got a few of his articles on spam / mid-tier websites just to increase his presence on the internet. These websites can be purchased from freelancing sites for a mere $50 – $99.

Sometimes it’s being Paid you are least bothered about the punctuation in the Title.


Getting featured on could cost anywhere from $1000 – $2000, Sean Smutny sharing a spot on one of Julian Lim‘s articles is just another paid mention.


Since do not allow name in the article Title, this is why usually clients’ name is seen in the subtitle and within the content but not in the article title.

Looking at his verified badge, we can say  that his  Investment in paid interviews and feature articles paid off.


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