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Seth A. Nizami, Crypto Trader | Musician & Paid Articles




Seth Nizami, founder of a successful Marketing Agency, Crypto Investor, and a Musician – Bio from Paid Articles

Seth Nizami’s paid Interviews and fake Articles explain his successful journey of how he built his marketing agency and turned into a multi-millionaire. By the age of seventeen, Seth established himself as one of the premier promoters in California. During the 2020 pandemic, he hit the rock bottom and started focusing on personal development and Cryptocurrency Trading. His article also mentions that he turned forty dollars into 7 figures in just four months which may or may not be true as we are reading this from a self-drafted article. He also believes in giving back to society. So when he is not trading or working, he teaches his trade secrets to his students for free.

Seth A. Nizami’s articles seem to be inspirational but when the articles are paid which anyone can buy for $100 – $500 from freelancer sites or PR service providers, you have to liberty to write anything and everything you want to make them appealing. Most of his articles are repetitive and have copy-pasted content.  Not only that, Seth Nizami’s recent articles are around Music. The reason behind doing irrelevant articles is purely to get his social media accounts verified. It gets easier to get an account verified if you are a musician  /   DJ and hence Seth opted to shift his Paid Fake Articles to the music niche.

He was flaunting the Fake Musician status on  Twitter which he changed later.  His skills, achievements, and expertise may be true but not the below interviews and feature articles which are 100% Fake and Paid. Desperation to get verified made him do a lot of things.




Seth Nizami has spent a good $$$$ on publishing his articles on premium and semi-premium sites. When you claim yourself a successful entrepreneur then why not spend some fortune on content writing as most of his articles are poorly written for name sake purposes which offer no value but are solely written for paid placement.  Seth Nizami’s paid article revolves around cryptocurrency and is published in a publication that is known purely for “Pay to Publish”.  These publications are sold in the Freelancing community ranging from $50 – $100. He has also stated in one of his articles that he is teaching his trading skills for free, which may or may not be true but for that, you will have to follow his page. That is a really interesting way to increase your followers.

Below interviews and feature articles may look organic but they are 100% Self Drafted and Paid. For Example, The American  Reporter cost $100, Fox  Interviewer $50,  DailyCaller $400, etc.



When you are desperate to get verified in a budget and easy way then getting verified as a musician is the shortcut.  All it takes is a few Fake PR portraying you as a renowned DJ or Musician and a budget of around $1000 to $2000. All of his recent Interviews and feature articles speak about him as a Musician. They are completely written for verification purposes and he himself would have not even read them once. These publications can be purchased from or from Freelancers on various  SEO  Groups.

Spotify with 0 Music and 0 Listener –



Out of all the above fake paid articles, Seth A. Nizami’s worth the investment is the Forbes Monaco and Entrepreneur.  Getting featured on  Forbes  Monaco cost $3500  which you can directly purchase from Forbes Monaco where they publish your article under Brand  Voice while Entrepreneur cost  $2000.  This gives you the liberty to publish your own glamorized article which is too good to be true. This is either done for Self  Branding or for Verification.

Forbes Monaco –

Entrepreneur –


Hope we find some Real interviews of Seth Nizami in coming future, instead  of this  fake.


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