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Shamus Goss, Magneto Home Solutions & Fake Paid Articles




“Shamus Goss is an Author, Real Estate Investor, E Com Consultant, and Founder of Magneto Home Solutions & Major Change Media.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Shamus Goss and his paid articles have inspired a lot of young and upcoming entrepreneurs. At the tender age of 17, Shamus began his entrepreneurial journey and it was no stopping for him. He started his real estate investment firm, Magneto Home Solutions which provides solutions to homeowners, and a marketing firm Major Change Media which helps small businesses with innovative marketing solutions. Along with this, he also founded a non-profit organization, H.E.L.P. which is dedicated to feeding and clothing the homeless in and around the city of Atlanta. We are in awe of Shamus for being so helpful and kind towards needy people and really appreciate his work.

Shamus has an inspiring story to tell and below paid interviews and feature articles have helped him share his story with the masses. Being the founder of a Marketing firm, Shamus Goss is well aware of self-branding and hence chose the route of paid articles. Looking at his successful journey, the need for these paid articles didn’t seem necessary so the question arises is why paid articles? The answer is pretty simple, it is either for self-branding or to get his accounts verified. The verified account can vouch for and are trustworthy. These below-paid articles have helped him directly or indirectly to get his profiles verified.

He has wisely invested in paid publishing then why not use them for your good? Shamus’s social media highlights have compiled a list of all his coverage as if those are real and organic.  His struggle and achievements are real but not the below articles which can be purchased from any freelancing sites or PR service provider for $99 – $999.

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SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Shamus Goss runs a firm that provides marketing and branding solutions to small businesses hence is very well aware of self-branding. He has made a good amount of self-investment which has helped him get the blue tick on his social media platforms. Shams has published his articles in semi-premium and premium Publications which can be purchased from freelancing sites like, PeoplePerHour, or SWAPD. Most of his articles are published in publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These articles are self-drafted which the Publications publish without any fact checks.

A disclaimer below the content itself is understood that those are paid placements. Publications like Jpost charges $799,  Livement $200 or Flaunt $500, etc.


Below are some spam mid-tier publications that can be purchased in bulk or individually ranging from $40 – $399. For example – American Reporter is $80, Influencive is $99, Kivod Daily is $49, etc.


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