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Shoaib Ghauri, Come Learn Forex & Fake Paid Articles




Shoaib Ghauri is the Founder of Come Learn Forex and is associated  with the forex, cryptocurrency, futures, and real estate markets Bio from Paid Articles

Shoaib Ghauri paid feature article describes his success story of becoming the founder of Come Learn Forex at a very young age. He has seen his family struggle financially, so he knew he had to come up with a plan. This led him to start his forex trading course which offers in-depth knowledge of forex trading. He also does plenty of business consulting to help people suffering from financial instability to become financially stable. Shoaib brags that he has surpassed the $1,000,000 worth mark each year through forex trading in these paid articles. Well, when you have to sell your course, you can self-glamourize about your life as these publications do not care much about the self-drafted content as long as these are paid for. These publications can be purchased for $499 – $1499.

Shoaib Ghauri is verified on a social media platform and we are sure that these paid interviews and feature articles have directly or indirectly helped him get the blue tick. The blue badge not only helped to enhance his credibility among his readers and followers. Shoaib Ghauri’s expertise and achievements are True but not the below feature article and interviews. Come Learn Forex is a legit training program,  we are not doubting its authenticity

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Articles ]


Shoaib Ghauri is well aware of self-branding and used these platforms to reach out to his targetted audience. He or his PR team has got his feature articles in semi-premium and premium publications which are known for the Pay to-Publish model. Content published in these publications with a Disclaimer which is self-explanatory that it is sponsored and paid. His articles revolve around how he has achieved success and how others can do the same.  Shoaib Ghauri’s expertise and achievements are True but not the below feature article and interviews. For Example – HauteLiving is $600,  TechTimes $499, LAProgressive $299, etc.


Come Learn Forex founder’s interviews and feature articles also can be seen on low-quality spam websites which are known for dumping content. These publications merely charge $50 – $100 to publish anyone’s content and can be purchased from or from any PR Freelancers. This ideally helps to populate Search Engine with name keyword that helps in Self Branding and Verification. These spam publications don’t cost much but do the work.

Shoaib-Ghauri Interview

Shoaib Ghauri is a successful Forex trader, Hope he gets  some real media coverage.


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