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Shortcut to get Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine



As an Entrepreneur or Business Owner with a basic understanding of online reputation these days, you probably know the advantages of getting covered in top-tier publications can do for you and your business. is one of the top-tier publications and magazines that cover news stories and editorials about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. It has approx 10M unique visitors per month, 50M monthly page views, and over millions of followers which make a favorite among business owners and SEO /  PR Professionals.

Due to its strict editorial policy, getting featured on or getting your contributor profile is not easy. You must have come across the common strategies throughout the internet that involves pitching contributors, developing relations with contributors/editors, following them on social media and adding value to their post, using HARO, etc. blah blah. However, I am going to share 2 simple ways to get Featured on which only require you to have a budget. This is what a lot of Entrepreneurs and Brands do. The only difference between you and the smart people is that they know from where to buy placement rather than waiting for organic placement which is a tedious process.

Please note if you are looking to get Featured organically without spending $$$$ then you should keep trying the standard way that others do  – Pitching Guest posts.  If you have a decent budget then you should go for the below ways that guarantee your placement on

PR agencies help businesses offer placements in Entrepreneur charging high fees,  hence opt for the below methods to save your $$$$.


The outreach to contributors is not a cakewalk as they tend to ignore a lot of pitches that do not excite them. However,  there are many contributors who directly publish your content or can include your paid mention in their future articles for remuneration. These contributors do not openly accept remuneration as they are always vulnerable to suspension of their contributor account if caught. Hence only work through their close associate or PR agency or PR Freelancer who have built relationships over the years.  These freelancers can be found on  Freelancing sites such as You need to post a project there with as a requirement and you will find many of them bidding for your requirement. The average price for costs you $500  – $1500. Due to strict Editorial policy, editors sometimes do not allow Name in the title or Backlink in the article. Hence you need to clearly discuss this with Freelancers. The Average Editorial review time is 2 Weeks.

Apart from, you can Search services on or FIVERR.COM


. There are many forums too where you will find a service provider of Below are the Forums where you have to do a little search for the service providers.

  1. BlackHatWorld
  2. Swapd

For direct contact with contributors, You can also search our “Sources” section where we list Contributors.

2. SPONSOR / BRAND  CONTENT METHOD has regional franchises such as Entrepreneur India and  Entrepreneur  Asia Pacific. They allow anyone to publish content in form of an opinion article or feature article under an advertising program known as Brand  Content. The difference between sponsored and organic article is the “Disclaimer”. Since Entrepreneur understands this and hence their sponsor article does not come with a Disclaimer tag such as “sponsor”  or “brand content”  until it is too much promotional. The Best part is that they let you publish the content under your desired author name which they will create for you. PR Professionals usually this method to save time and club 2 or more clients in a single article. An example of such an article is here –

– Looks like Organic and Indexes in Search Engine
– Can be used for Verification
– Can include Image and Backlink
– Saves time as it directly pushes the content in 1 – 3 Days

This is the best way if you are short of time and looking to get featured without any editorial review. The commercial for Entrepreneur India is $1000 – $1200 while the Asia  Pacific is $1500 – $1800.

Do you know any other methods to get Featured on Do Share!!


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