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Shortcut to Get featured on Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance




Yahoo! News is a news website that is an aggregator and a  credible publication in the world for a trusted source of information. Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance are the main categories while it has many subcategories too. A few subcategories are Yahoo Money, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Lifestyle. Yahoo being an aggregator does not have an option for users to submit their own news or content and publishes content in form of news/editorial or opinion from its approved network websites only. It means anything that publishes on the approved network site is automatically published on Yahoo without editorial review in all sub-categories [ Finance, Money, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment ] along with the main category [ News ].

For Example – The same article once published on the Approved network website then gets republished to all categories of Yahoo.

Google Indexing Issue:
Only 1 version of the yahoo article is indexed in the Search Engine depending on Network Websites niche. Usually, we see Yahoo News Version or Yahoo Finance version in Search Engine instead of other subcategories because News and Finance are their main categories.

Why one should get Featured on Yahoo News or Yahoo Finance?
– Yahoo is a credible publication and adds to your credibility
– Yahoo Article ranks in Search Engine and comes in Google News
– Yahoo Article is used for Social Media Verification

Since Yahoo itself does not review any content and accepts it from the Network site, this is why you will find many Junk articles in the Yahoo network inform of Interview / Feature Articles or SEO Articles. However in course of time, Yahoo became less favorite to SEO Professionals due to its no follow link attributes in a recent update, and also Yahoo stopped publishing links in the article from its network publication. However, it is still a favorite publication for PR professionals.

Ways to get on Yahoo Network
There are 2 ways through which content can be pushed to Yahoo.
1. Non – Disclaimer: By [ublishing the  content on Yahoo  approved  websites  from  where it is pushed to Yahoo Network without a disclaimer
2. Disclaimer: By opting for Press Release  Services through which the content is pushed to the distribution network where Yahoo  News is part of it.

How much does it cost to get Featured on Yahoo Network?
The commercial totally depends on the source you are buying from. Usually, PR Professionals or Agency charges clients 2x the Price of the actual price. But you can save your $$$ by approaching one of the below Sources.

Points to Consider
Article on Yahoo News and Finance is Cheaper if published through Indian Publications like Edtimes or Latestly as you get Indian version of Yahoo Finance and News instead of the USA. Google Indexes  “.in” version of Yahoo USA and Finance instead of “.com”, hence clarify the source of Publishing ( if purchased from Freelancers or PR) to understand which version you are buying.


There are many Freelancing Sites where you can see tons of Freelancers selling Yahoo News and Finance Services. [ ] and [ ] is one of the favorite spots for many buyers as you will see competitive prices among the sellers. Alternately you can create a project here for Yahoo Finance or Yahoo News and you will find a lot of Freelancers bidding for it with their prices. The prices start at $150 – $400. A simple search on this platform for Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance can open tons of listing for buyers to choose from.

Fiverr Search for Yahoo:
PeoplePerHour  Search for Yahoo:


There are many SEO and Guest Posting groups on Facebook where you will find a lot of Asians ( Pakistanis and Indians ) selling these services. Most of them have English foreigner names which is a fake profile so you need to be a little cautious while dealing with them. They believe that foreigners’ name convinces International Buyers to trust them. Some of them are scammers while some of them are genuine sellers too. Hence you need to do little filtering in users. Just join any of the groups from below Search Result and Post your requirement of Yahoo Finance and News, you will find tons of users messaging you with their prices. You will find freelancers offering from $150 – $250.

Guest Post Search Link:

Apart from the above SEO groups, you can join below PR Groups too where you will find some genuine PR Professionals offering Yahoo services. You just need to spend time to find the right guy selling this at the right price.

UAE Journalists & PR Discussion Board:
Indian PR Network:


Getting Featured on Yahoo through Press Release Services is the easy way. But it comes with a Disclaimer of Press Release. A lot of Basic Package of Press Release does not have Yahoo NEWS as part of the distribution, hence you need to check the packages of Press Release where they include Yahoo News as an addon. The Prices range from $300 – $500 depending on the service providers and their distribution options. Some of the Press Release Services which can distribute to Yahoo Network are as follow:

Access Wire [ ]
Globenewswire [ ]
Ein Press Wire [ ]
News Wire [ ]
PR Newswire [ ]

Note: Many of the Press Release Providers are the reseller of the above company only.  Avoid resellers and buy direct PR from the above service providers.


If you are looking for an affordable solution without a Disclaimer then getting an article published on Approved Network is the best option. There are many publications where content once published is then pushed to Yahoo Network. The commercial of these publications ranges from $150 – $300 and can directly be purchased from them under their advertising or Brand Content Program. If not then you need to find contributors on the below sites and convince them for Guest Posting. Some of the Publications are as follow:

Latestly [ ] – Currently Removed from Yahoo Network
Edtimes [ ] – Currently Removed from Yahoo Network
Insider Monkey []
Street Insider [ ]

Do you know any other Source then do share with us?


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