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Dennis Loos is a Social Media Marketing Expert, Author, Former CEO of Rocket Agency, Co-Founder, and Speaker of Dennis Loos Coaching & Consulting GmbH. – Bio from Paid Articles

Dennis Loos and his paid interview are a source of inspiration for achieving your goals and aspirations – an undeniable fact. Despite a relatively short time span, Dennis Loos has achieved remarkable success in his industry and is making waves. His paid interview and success stories portray that his ambition now extends to becoming the first Network Marketing Billionaire, and he possesses extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain, marketing and business, investments, and personal coaching. With his diverse skillset, Dennis has made a significant impact on his followers and readers through his paid interviews and featured articles.

A lot of his paid interviews are based on crypto investments or networking marketing. It’s either that or tips and tricks on finance or investments. Paid articles give you the freedom to self-glorify and self-brand as the publications do not care as long as money is involved. His content team has done a remarkable job at writing his articles as they seem very motivating and inspiring.  The former CEO of Rocket Agency’s achievements, skillset, and expertise may be Real but not the below articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below Articles ]

It appears that either Dennis Loos or his PR team was particularly concerned about owning domains related to his name, as evidenced by the numerous domains created. However, these domains are unfortunately of poor quality. It is hoped that Mr. Loos will develop a professional website to better represent himself online.


Dennis Loos is an expert in marketing and recognizes the importance of self-branding, hence his choice to invest in paid articles. He has spent a significant sum of money on paid articles, some of which have been featured in semi-premium publications. However, many of his articles appear to have been published in low-quality publications solely to boost his search engine ranking, which has resulted in favorable outcomes for Dennis. As a successful entrepreneur based in Dubai, he has numerous achievements to his name, and paid feature articles appear to be an effective way for him to showcase his accomplishments.

These publications can be bought from  PR Freelancers for $50  – $199 etc.

Dennis-Loos-Speaker [ Deleted ]

Other articles of his are on Indian publications which are known for doing sponsored content/paid articles. These publications charge $199-$499 which can be purchased from any freelancing sites like, PeoplePerHour, etc. These publications are usually sold in packages.
Dennis-Loos Interviews


Dennis Loos’s article authored his knowledge and experience in the field of cryptocurrency. While the article is informative, it is disheartening to note that it is a paid and sponsored feature. Entrepreneur offers the opportunity for individuals with a budget of $2000 to have their own articles published on the platform, and the inclusion of Loos’ article is another instance of a sponsored feature on


Hope Dennis Loos’ proficiency in marketing will aid him in acquiring the desired attention through these sponsored articles.


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