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Steven Ridzyowski, Scammer | Ecommerce & Fake Paid Article




Steven Ridzyowski, Founder and CEO of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, affiliate marketing – Bio from Paid Articles

Steve Ridzyowski’s paid interviews and feature article mention that he started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. He started with affiliate marketing selling ringtones which became a big hit and then there was no looking back for Steven. Next, he moved on to selling skincare and started his own skincare brand. He continued in the e-commerce space and runs a multi-million-dollar marketing agency in this field.  Steven Ridzyowski has been doing well in the e-commerce industry and when you are making 5 – 6 figures, why not invest in self-branding? He is seen bragging about his business journey in most of his articles and why wouldn’t he? When the articles are paid, the publication gives you the liberty to self-glamourize.

Along with below fake paid interviews, success stories, and feature articles, he is called a Scammer and Fraud by many clients [ ]. Seems like he needs some online reputation management along with verification. He used the below-paid articles to promote himself which we can see on his website [ ].  His Skills and Expertise is Real but not below paid below interviews and success stories.


When you are rejected to get verified even after doing so many fake paid articles, you eventually have to go off track. Why not get verified as an artist which is a cheap shortcut method?  Just some fake music-based feature articles and verified Spotify profile [ ]

Latest Update:

  • He deleted  his Google Business Listing which was  flooded with clients claiming to get scammed by him
  • His Better Business Bureaus are filled with complaints too.
  • He has been accused of scamming a lot of people.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-Paid Articles ] – DELETED after people posted reviews on his page for being Fraud.


His Paid Articles claim that he has grown his business to a team of over 30 with 100+ clients across various platforms.  What is the use of such achievements if not put forward to the masses? One who runs a multi-million-dollar marketing agency needs to spread the word among the target audience and these paid articles are serving his purpose. Most Publications work on the “Pay to Publish” model which can be purchased from PeoplePerHour or for $99 where you have to submit your self-drafted article.

These Publications can publish anything you want without validating any claims or verifying the facts. For Example, Influencive costs $99,  KivoDaily $99, Times $499

Steven-Ridzyowski-Paid--Article [ Buy from Here – ] [ Buy from Here – ] [ Buy from Here – ]

A few of his articles are published in credible Publications as well which feature your given article under an advertising program called Brand Content with a disclaimer for $800 – $1500. These Publications (Dailycaller, Mercury News, Flaunt)  help you in the process of verification, this is why PR Service providers can be seen selling this publication to entrepreneurs. Anything you read in the below publication is Fake, Self Posted, and  Paid.


Some Publications are always favorites of some people due to their cost and easy accessibility. You will notice that in LA Wire or NY WEEKLY, Steven Ridzyowski has different articles on different topics. These publications themselves do not have credibility and are merely created to dump the paid article which you can buy from them directly. It’s easy to publish an article multiple times when it’s a paid placement.


Steven Ridzyowsk has been listed by many publications with various tags such as ” Top Business  Sharks“, “Top Entrepreneurs“,  “Top Mentors”  and “Top Experts”.  These publications offer anyone the to post their own article with any title or topic as long you pay them. It’s a known practice of PR agencies or Service providers to create such a fake paid list and include all the clients who pay them.  These Entrepreneurs listed in this paid listicle format article are just ones who paid them with 1 or 2 real credible entrepreneurs to keep the list non-promotional and accurate.


This List itself has no credibility and the mention of Steven Ridzyowsk is 100% Fake and Paid.   The overall purpose of these articles is to get your name mentioned in reliable Publications as many times as possible. Out of all  Publications, USA TODAY  is a credible publication but unfortunately, the article itself got deleted. Hope he is  aware of that [ Deleted ]


One simply doesn’t get featured in Forbes but there are a few ways that can help you get featured. For Example, Forbes India or Forbes Mexico has a brand content program to publish any of your articles for $800 and $2700 respectively with a disclaimer. Steven Ridzyowski’s Forbes India article is Paid.



Here is one more listicle article”  7 Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2021” by Zachary Hiebert is Fake and Paid.  Entrepreneur allows you to publish any interview or feature articles under Entrepreneur India for $1000 and Entrepreneur Asia Pacific for $2000.  Steven Ridzyowski’s mention with the other 6 Entrepreneurs is a Sponsor and Paid Content that can be purchased from Entrepreneur Directly.  It is better to share the cost with others rather than opting for a full feature article which is costly.


Hope, we will see some Real Interviews and Success.


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