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Tedi Ticic, Crypto Trader | Author & Fake Paid Articles




“Tedi Ticic is a Croatian self proclaimed entrepreneur, author, and crypto trader .” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Tedi Ticic’s sponsored interview and featured articles, he asserts that he is a Croatian author of a book titled “Cryptocurrency Expert,” a claim found to be false. Additionally, he declares himself to be among the top cryptocurrency traders in Europe, presenting his book as a comprehensive guide for those seeking to grasp both the fundamentals and intricacies of the crypto industry. Despite hailing from an affluent background in a small town, Tedi alleges that he diligently pursued his ambitions, aiming to serve as an inspiration for aspiring businessmen hesitant to confront challenges.

His various paid interviews and featured articles predominantly highlight his accomplishments and success narratives, subtly bolstering the perception of him being a prosperous trader. Given one’s reasonable gains in the cryptocurrency market, it’s not uncommon to allocate some funds towards self-promotion and social media validation. While his proficiency and achievements are legitimate, the articles and stories referenced below are 100% sponsored and paid, available for purchase at prices ranging from $50 to $100 individually or as part of a package from a PR service provider, with packages exceeding $3000 or included in a verification bundle.

If one invests significantly in self-branding, it becomes essential to showcase these efforts in social media highlights. The appeal would be greater if these highlights were genuine and organically garnered media coverage rather than self-funded promotions.

Social Media Highlights –

Tedi-Ticic Instagram

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Inactive ]


When you’ve authored an eBook and aim to establish yourself as a credible writer, utilizing paid PR articles becomes a useful strategy. In one of Tedi Ticic’s paid features, he asserts that his eBook achieved a sold-out status online, which is inaccurate. In reality, his eBook remains unsold on Amazon, lacking any reviews, and it’s worth noting that anyone can create an eBook on platforms like for as little as $100. Presenting oneself as an author also enhances the likelihood of obtaining social media verification. Consequently, several of his misleading paid feature articles emphasize his purported authorship to bolster this image.

Moreover, when choosing a paid placement, you have the freedom to assert whatever you desire. Such publications provide opportunities for brand content and typically come with costs ranging from $50 to $200. For instance, Influencive charges $100, Fox Interviewer is priced at $5, RitzHerald costs $50, and so forth.

Tedi-Ticic-Paid-Article [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ]

Certain publications hold a special place in Tedi Ticic’s preferences. In fact, registering on ThriveGlobal is free, allowing anyone to post articles. Alternatively, articles can be purchased from for $10. [ Free to Register and Posted by Fake Author] [ Free to Register and Posted by Fake Author]

In addition to free and less reputable publications, some of Tedi Ticic’s paid interviews and feature articles appear in select credible publications. These platforms typically include a disclaimer under their sponsored or brand content sections. All that’s required is the submission of your content, as they publish it without undergoing any editorial review. For instance, Village Voice charges $1500, Flaunt is priced at $999, and TechTimes costs $600.


TEDI TICIC ON FORBES MONACO [ Forbes Monaco Closed ]

Tedi Ticic appears in a Forbes Monaco article, sharing tips for readers on initiating a venture. However, the article is self-authored and lacks substantive value for readers, being crafted solely for the purpose of verification. Forbes Monaco permits individuals to post content for $3000 under brand content. Consequently, any information you encounter about him below is both paid and fabricated.



Tedi’s Forbes Monaco article is no longer accessible, as Forbes Monaco has ceased publication. Nevertheless, the pursuit for Forbes recognition persists, and Tedi managed to secure a feature in Forbes USA through Mike Bugembe, a Forbes contributor whose authorship has been suspended due to paid PR article activities. Tedi’s article in Forbes USA is also a paid PR feature, with costs ranging from $2500 to $10000.

Update : The article has been removed, as the author has been suspended for engaging in paid publishing activities. Hence, Tedi’s article is no longer available.


No Doubt, Tedi Ticic Interviews and Feature Articles are Paid and Self Drafted


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