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Timothy Luong, Stock Navigators & Fake Paid Articles




Timothy Luong aka Tim Luong is a Founder & CEO at Stock Navigators – Bio from Paid Articles

Timothy Luong and his father Tom Luong founded their coaching firm, Stock Navigators. As per their paid articles and fake interviews, Tom was working as a design engineer in silicon valley who made millions of dollars but unfortunately lost all his money in the stock market. Soon, he started learning how to trade which took years to become a profitable trader. He and his son, Timothy started teaching what they learned in their Expert Trade Program. Timothy had faced a lot of failures in his early start-ups and side-gigs but they turned out to be learning lessons for his successful company Stock Navigators.

Timothy Luong‘s articles majorly focus on tips and tricks of how to trade and the readers can learn more about financial freedom through their Stock Navigators Programs. Majorly his paid articles revolve around him being a successful trader sharing trading stories and tips. In short, he is trying to sell his program through below feature articles below that anyone can buy for $99  – $499.

His Expertise, Struggle, and Achievements are Real but not the below interviews and feature articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid Articles ]


Timothy Luong is aware of self-branding and has used paid PR Feature articles as a medium to promote his business. These paid articles not only helped him to get verified but also enhances his credibility among the client which is the overall purpose of the paid PR. His paid articles are merely written for the sole purpose of having ” Name in the Article Title” and do not provide any value to readers.

Anyone can publish their own drafted content by opting for services from any PR freelancer or from Freelancing sites like or where you will find a lot of freelancers offering these services. For example – Disrupt magazine costs $99, American Reporter $80, and TechTimes $499.


We are not surprised by Timothy Luong’s paid interviews and feature articles in Indian publications that are known for their Brand Content.  Indian Publications are Cheap and Affordable, so including them in your paid PR campaign is always worth the investment. It only takes $100 – $300 max to get your own content published in the below Indian Publications.  Basically, you need to submit your own content and they publish it under Brand content with a disclaimer.


TIMOTHY LUONG ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM. HOW? allow brand Content Posting for $2000 for Asia  Pacific.  Timothy Luong’s mention under the article “Top 5 Entrepreneurs Who Are Revolutionizing the Online Space In 2022”  is paid. This is an old technique of PR agencies to club multiple people in a single article while charging each entrepreneur a small fee for their inclusion in this list. The list has no credibility which is paid and anyone can make a similar list and publish it on for a Fee. Every entrepreneur mentioned in this article has done paid PR which you can google. Some of them are covered in our publication itself. The mention of the tag “Promoted Content” above the content itself is enough to tell its paid nature.


Timothy Luong has set his purpose to share his expertise with the rest of the world. Hope he gets some real media Coverage.


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