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Tommy Rodriguez, Amazon Automation Empire & Fake Paid Articles




Tommy Rodriguez, the CEO and Founder of Amazon Automation Empire and a Photographer Bio from Paid Articles

Tommy Rodriguez’s Paid Articles convey to us his successful Amazon dropshipping business and how he managed to make it huge in seven years. He had a very difficult childhood and has been working from a young age. With years of knowledge, he worked on getting better even when he was offered high-paid jobs. As per his self-published paid articles, soon after he was introduced to dropshipping business and there was no looking back. He even shared his knowledge on dropshipping on Amazon which led to Amazon automation.

Under Amazon Automation Empire, He will build, launch, and grow an Amazon dropshipping business on your behalf. Why not grow your own multiple Amazon dropshipping and make 6 – 7 figures instead of selling services for setting for others? His Skillset, Achievement, and Expertise are True but not his below interviews and feature articles. They are 100% paid in Nature. 

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified using below paid  articles ] [ Verified using below paid  articles ]


Tommy Rodriguez being in this business for nearly seven years must be knowing the importance of self-branding and he has invested well in paid interviews and fake articles. Most of his interviews and feature articles are posted on publications that are known for the Pay to Publish model. These publications merely charge $50 – $100 to publish your desired content and can be purchased from or from any PR Freelancers except USATODAY  which ain’t cheap. So anything that you read below is just self-drafted and Paid. Many of the published articles are brand content. Brand Content / Disclaimer content is paid in nature itself.


Tommy has also got his articles published where he portrayed himself as a photographer. Why would he do that when he has his dropshipping business to talk about? That’s probably because he has nothing left to talk about and to avoid repetition of his content, he went on to claim himself as a “Photographer”.  Below are some spam Indian Publications which allow anyone to publish their content without any editorial review under their sponsored content. These Indian publications merely charge $100 to post any content you want.



Tommy Rodriguez’s Forbes article by Contributor Joseph Deacetis  [ He is banned from  Forbes for his paid activity ] is Paid which we covered in our “List of Forbes Contributors Involved in Paid PR Articles” list. It all takes a budget of $3000 – $5000 to be on Forbes for full featured. Since Forbes contributor Joseph Deacetis writes about fashion,  he knows how to insert clients by creating proper relevancy. This Forbes article by Joseph Deacetis is a perfect example of how to create a perfect paid article and cleverly mention the client.


Hope to see more of Tommy Rodriguez’s paid interviews and feature articles.


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