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Travis Killian, Upper Echelon & Fake Paid Articles




Travis Killian, Founder, and CEO of Upper Echelon Products and Everlasting Comfort – Bio from Paid Articles

Travis Killian, founder of Upper Echelon Products and Everlasting Comfort, got his Paid Interviews and Featured Articles done in order to promote his business and products. Well, you will realize this after reading his articles below. Killian believes in providing high-quality and life-improving products to the market and vouches for the same. In fact, he has two articles published about a product called Memory Foam Back Cushion with 100K positive ratings on Amazon. Along with these, Killian has articles where he shares fitness tips as he also claims to be a Fitness Guru. The Publications give you the liberty to self-glamourize as these articles are paid and self-drafted. They accept self-drafted articles and do not care about copy-pasted content and plagiarism.



Travis Killian has successful businesses and has worked hard to get his business going but getting paid articles seems skeptical. We aren’t denying the fact that his life’s journey, expertise, and struggle aren’t true but his paid articles are definitely paid and sponsored that anyone can purchase from freelancing sites or from PR freelancers. These articles may have helped Killian promote his business which has served his purpose.

Everlasting Comfort founder’s interview and feature articles are mostly seen in publications that are known for their “Pay to Publish” and come disclaimer. These publications under their sponsored program merely charge a fee to publish the content for $99 – $999. For Example – The week cost $199,  Khaleej Times  $499, etc.



Forbes is a credible publication and everyone is not the right fit to get featured on Forbes. However, with a budget of $4000 -$6000 and the right PR service provider, anyone can get featured on Forbes.



When someone has a common objective then it is wise to share the journey. Travis Killian’s paid article on Ibtimes is shared with another entrepreneur. This is a common practice of a PR agency to merge multiple clients in a single article which helps to divide the cost. This article provides no value to the readers and is merely written with one purpose – Name in Title. This way you can see that the 4 entrepreneurs’ names are in Title. This is just another Paid Article.


Considering his achievements, he really deserve some organic Coverage.


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