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LetMeExpose offers comprehensive guides, resources, tips, and tricks for online PR promotion, focusing on revealing the activities of entrepreneurs and influencers. Our site features articles that expose businesses and individuals who purchase paid and sponsored PR content. We also provide insights into various PR publication methods and strategies.

Domain Age:  3 Years
Domain Authority: DA


  • WordPress CMS + Paid plugins for Security Protection
  • 128 SEO Optimized Articles
  • Domain Registrar & Hosting is outside USA & EU jurisdiction and does not respect legal notices.
  • DDOS Protected by Cloudflare premium.
  • Fast Google Indexing

Due to our focus on developing other websites, we are unable to dedicate time to this one especially on SEO Part. The site requires SEO optimization through the development of a few backlinks. Since we don’t have the time for this, we are selling the website.

Our website is not yet monetized legally, but it has already generated over $100k in 3 years through confidential methods. There are several ways to monetize our content, and we can discuss these options if you are interested. The website is guaranteed to generate revenue as it matures, thanks to its increasing credibility over time.


  • Domain Transfer
  • Whole Website Transfer File
  • DMCA Counter Reply Documents
  • Bulletproof Offshore Hosting Transfer
  • Email Formats to Reply Legal & DMCA
  • Guide on how to Monetize & Age it
  • Guide on how to include more content for revenue generation

Our Buy Now Price is $38,000. We are not in a hurry to sell our website, so please refrain from offering low prices.

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