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Yash Gupta, Tambhveda | Rikayaa Enterprises & Fake Paid Articles




“Yash Gupta is a Founder of Tambhveda [ Manufacturing of copper utensils ] and Director of Rikayaa Enterprises.” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to the paid articles, Yash Gupta states that he started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. He has a successful business in the manufacturing and production of copper utensils. He founded Tambhveda while he was pursuing his Bachelor’s degree. He also started his second venture Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited and plans on expanding his business. He often helps his father in the family business and is inspired by his father.

Most of his paid articles speak about his successful businesses and how he managed to handle both of his ventures with ease. His articles are very much the same. Seems like he just wanted to spam the internet to get his social media accounts verified. Also when you claim to be a success then it’s wise to invest in Self Branding which he has done well. And why not flaunt it on Social Media when you have invested so much in Fake Interviews and Feature Articles?


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


When you focus on getting verified then it’s necessary to populate google with a few profiles on Wikipedia that look like sites. Also, this gives you the leverage to write anything you want about yourself. This costs $50 – $100  for profile creation on the below websites from or Freelancers on PR Group of Facebook.


Yash Gupta needs a platform to brag about your achievements and his PR service provider has done excellent work at keeping him in the news. He has spent a good amount of $$$$ but failed to pay his content team because most of his articles are the same. Most of his Articles are on Indian  Publications that anyone can purchase from freelancers on Facebook or

His achievements, skills, and expertise may be Real but not in the below articles.  These publications accept any article under their sponsor content with a disclaimer. For example – Article on Mid Day $150, Ibtimes $150, News18 $250


Image Credit: Google Image

With so many paid interviews and feature articles, it looks like he was desperate to get verified. He also published a pdf book on amazon to claim that he is an Author which is an old trick of the PR Industry to get verified followed by a few PR Articles to promote it.


Yash Gupta’s Forbes India article which says ” A conversation with Yash Gupta, India based entrepreneur” is another Paid Content. We are not sure who had what conversation with him when it is self-drafted and published. Forbes India publishes your given content under their brand content for $1000 – $1500. So this is a perfect example of a self-published article.


Image Credit: Forbes Image through Google Search

Yash Gupta Interviews and Feature Article on Indian Publication is just a Self Drafted, Fake and Paid.


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