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Yasmin Tavakoli, RetailTenant | Social Advocate & Fake Paid Articles




“Yasmin Tavakoli is an Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador of AllSides, Founder of RetailTenant, host of Talks with Yasmin, and a Social Advocate.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Yasmin Tavakoli’s paid interview and feature article state that she has been rising as the voice of truth in these unprecedented times. After a live session on Instagram in 2020 with a good friend of hers, got her interactive engagement which lead her to start a series called Talks with Yasmin. She believes in sharing fact-checked information during her live sessions. After a huge success on Instagram, she launched her very own podcast on Spotify. Yasmin Tavakoli graduated with a master’s degree in Diplomacy and went on to work with the United Nations.

Yasmin Tavakoli was destined to work as a social advocate, or that’s what she tries to convey through her paid articles. Her achievements and success stories may be real but her below articles are paid and fake. Her main purpose for doing these paid articles and fake interviews seems to get her social media accounts verified. Eventually, She got her Facebook account verified by doing these paid articles and at the same time enhanced her credibility.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles ]


Yasmin Tavakoli’s articles seem to be repetitive and monotonous in various publications. Maybe her PR service provider wants to spam her articles everywhere or she isn’t paying her content team enough. She mentioned in one of the publications that, “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective”, but is seen doing paid articles and fake interviews to put forth her story. Doesn’t seems right when you promise to bring the truth to your audience. She has benefitted by doing paid interviews and feature articles as it has helped her gain credibility among her followers and her verified Facebook account has proved her authenticity.

Most of her Fake paid articles are on publications that accept any content for merely $100 – $500 and can be bought from Freelancing sites like or For example – Ibtimes $400, ThriveGlobal $100 etc.


When publications are doing paid placement for your Feature article, then it’s ok to publish the same article twice. Such Mess is common when publications do not care about double posting but only care about their fee. Below publications are a few samples.

When you or your PR agency is tight on budget then they usually do some title rewriting rather than writing fresh content for each publication. Below publications do not care about plagiarism because those are sponsored content that comes with disclaimers. So it really doesn’t matter for the publication to publish the plagiarized content with the revised title.


It’s a matter of pride if you are featured in top-tier publications like FORBES  and Entrepreneur. However, everyone is not the right fit for this publication due to a lack of credibility. This is why people with a budget usually go for Paid Option.  Forbes Monaco allows you to post your own content for $3000 while Entrepreneur India cost $1500 under their Brand Content Program. Yasmin Tavakoli’s Forbes and entrepreneur article is 100% paid and why not check the author of both Articles? It’s by the same contributor – Thomas Herd.

Anything we read about her below is just self-drafted and Paid.


Forbes Monaco –

Entrepreneur –

All of Yasmin Tavakoli’s Interviews and Feature Articles are just Self Drafted, Fake, and Paid.


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