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Dezmen Horne, Dez2fly | Youtuber | Comedian & Fake Paid Articles




” Dezmen Horne also known as Dez2fly is a YouTube comedian” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Dezmen Horne at an early age understood the power of YouTube as a video platform and started making videos.   The content brought him a large number of views and followers making him one of the most successful YouTubers. When you are a comedian and a YouTuber then having a verification badge is a must to stand out from the crowd. Hence Dezmen Horne posted a lot of Fake and  Paid  Articles. His Life journey may be true but the article here is 100% FAKE and PAID.

When you are posting paid articles under Sponsor / Brand Content then you have the leverage to write anything about yourself. Many of the publications are part of verification so if any of you wants to get verified then I would say get yourself featured in the below publications and get verified.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ He is now Verified because of below-paid articles ] [ He is now Verified because of below-paid articles ]


Investing money in paid articles is always a wise decision.  First, it enhances your credibility and second, it helps in Verification. Many of his paid articles focus on advice and tips which are neither promoted by him. Since it’s a Paid article, you have to draft an article angle that should look non-paid and this is how you end up giving advice in form of these feature articles.

dez2fly’s passion for making videos and confidence in his comic expression and presentation has put him to great heights which need to be appreciated.  Paid Feature / Interview articles are one of the ways, he has appreciated himself. And that is not wrong. We are just exploring his Paid articles so you can use them too for your own verification. Yes, These articles are not cheap, hence you need to have $$$$  for that. For Example Article on Mid-Day costs $150,  Influencive $100, Ibtimes $250, Flaunt $400, and more.


Some publications are not cheap so sharing the commercial of the publication is a wise decision. This is why Dezmen Horne’s paid article is combined with another individual who is also doing paid articles similar to Dezmen Horne.  The article on DailyCaller and Isabella Garofanelli is a combined paid article. The article cost vares from $500  – $1000.

Dezmen Horne and Isabella Garofanelli’s paid article:

Dezmen Horne and  Muhammad Al Naqbi’s paid article:


We now look forward to some real Feature / Interview  Articles instead of these paid articles.


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