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Julia Klochkova, YouTuber or Fake Artist for IG Verification?



Julia Klochkova is a Crypto YouTuber. Her channel is about crypto, bitcoin, blockchain, investments, and daily crypto news.   Her videos are more like she is reading a  script without actually having the knowledge of the topic which is more likely to be guided by  Jack Skipp. Her YouTube channel is filled with videos having thumbnails filled with reactions which are similar to CryptoJack’s Youtube. We know who is the mentor now.


Julia Klochkova’s expertise in crypto may be real but her below articles/interviews as  Artist is Fake and Paid. Julia Klochkova being a fiancé/ friend of Jack Skipp ( who himself did a lot of Fake Paid  Articles to get verified ) understands the importance of getting Verified.  It doesn’t matter how you are getting verified, eventually, the “blue tick” is what matters. We will explore her Fake Verification  Artist method below.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified as Fake Artist using below Articles ]


Having a blue badge on your Social  Media enhances your credibility but it’s not easy for many entrepreneurs or Youtubers to achieve the blue tick without being notable or without having a Decent PR. Instagram verification has been Cheaper and Easy for Artist / DJ / Musician category due to the fewer pre-requirement such as Verified  Spotify Profile with 5 Songs and a few PR articles. Over time, there has been a shortcut to Verification for many Entrepreneurs and Youtubers too who portray themselves as Fake Musicians/artists and get themselves verified. Fake Artist VERIFICATION  is common in  PR Industry to get someone verified.


Julia Klochkova’s IG Verification is one example case study on how to get yourself Verified as Fake Artist Method. Fake Artist Costs anywhere around $5k – $8k. In order to get verified as an artist, it is necessary to portray yourself as a Musician  / Artist and the simple way is to get a Verified profile on Spotify with some boosted stats even if you are a YouTuber.

Verified Spotify Profile –


Her PR team has worked hard on getting her social media account verified through Fake Articles as Artist through the below paid Fake Articles. These articles are merely written for PR Purposes to position her as  Artist in Google Search. Below Publications are known for their “Pay to  Publish”  Model where they publish anything you want as long the commercials are paid to them. These publications can be purchased from any Freelancing sites such as or  in packages or individually for $100  – $200.


As a crypto blogger, it would’ve been a tough route to get your account verified, hence she chose an easy way out as a Fake Artist.


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