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Zaf Baker, Self Proclaimed Entrepreneur & Fake Paid Articles




Zaf Baker is a Dubai-based Entrepreneur,Car and Real Estate Dealer – Bio from Paid Articles

Zaf Baker and his self-appreciating Paid Articles tell us about his high-flying lifestyle. Zaf started paid interviews and success stories shared his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 and have been working on his dreams since then. As per his articles, Zaf Baker spends much of his time looking for expanding his business ventures in the real estate industry in Dubai and the UK while looking for new investment opportunities in startups as well. He emphasizes a lot on networking and you will see him with famous personalities on his social media profile. We can assume he is a big hit among big personalities and celebrities.

Zaf Baker brags a lot about his luxurious vacations, celebrity meet-ups, and about his entrepreneurial journey in his paid articles. Other than that, he is seen giving tips about how he manages his business while having fun. When the content is sponsored and paid, then you get the liberty to write anything and glamourize everything you wish. His below Articles are just paid PR articles and Self Drafted.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Entrepreneur Zaf Baker understands the importance of digital presence. Hence we can see him opting for Paid Articles to promote himself as a young entrepreneur. It is common practice in the PR industry to portray an individual as Entrepreneur with various tags ( Young, Aspiring, Upcoming, Leading, etc). The perfect example can be seen in Zaf Baker’s feature article.


It is self-explanatory that the motive behind the below-paid interview and success stories is social media verification. Since everybody knows how impactful your profile is when you have the blue tick beside your profile, Zaf made sure he gets verified too. These paid articles have helped him in a way to get verified for which he has spent $$$$ to publish his desired content. All of his self-drafted paid interviews and stories are published in a publication that can be purchased from freelancing sites or from any PR Freelancer who offers them in Packages. So anything that you read below is just self-drafted and Paid. For Example – LondonDailyPost is $99, CaliforniaHerald $99,  LAWeekly $149, etc

Hope He gets some Real  Coverage.


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