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Zhi Ko, NekozTek | Gaming Influencer & Fake Paid Articles




Zhi Ko was a D1 Athlete, professional tennis player and now associated with a few startups such as NekozTek, CoinDust, and Radiance Gaming – Bio from Paid Articles

Zhi Ko’s paid articles mainly revolve around his start-ups and how he plans on expanding his business. He is associated with NekozTek, CoinDust, and Radiance Gaming. Along with being an entrepreneur, Zhi Ko is also a Social & Gaming Influencer, FinTech Commentator, and is associated with Brands like Noble 5 and Titan Ventures. He also tries to inspire and motivate his followers and readers in his paid articles.

Zhi Ko being a social media influencer understands the importance of media, self-branding, PR, and marketing. Hence, he has invested a good $$$$ in semi-premium and premium publications. The motive behind his self-branding is solely to enhance his credibility and get verified on social media platforms. Being a notable personality, paid articles have added advantage to his social media verification. This has gained enough credibility among his followers. We are not doubting his skills or talents. His Expertise and achievements are real but not below Interviews and Feature Articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ] [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]


His action of opting for Paid Media Coverage cannot be justified more than the fact that you are the man behind social and gaming brands – NekozTek [ Fintech influencer brand ] and having media coverage is a must.  We also cannot ignore the fact that Gaming was his passion but this does not restrict him to explore the world of Fintech resulting in the launch of crypto brands like CoinDust. Since Zhi Ko is associated with multiple businesses, it is important to spread the word among the target audience and what could have been the best form of promotion other than interviews and feature articles? When the articles are paid, you have a free hand to draft your own article glamorizing yourself however you want, so why not use it?. ManyPublications solely work on the “Pay to Publish” Model and are very common publications that claim to be media outlets but actually are WordPress sites created to dump interviews and success stories. Anyone can buy this from or for $50 – $100 where you have to do is submit your self-drafted article.


Some Publications are favorites of Zhi Ko and we can see multiple post on these so-called WordPress publications. Btw,  Fox Interviewer cost $15 only.

Apart from the above-paid articles, a few of his articles are published in credible publications which feature your articles under Sponsor Content with a disclaimer for $800 – $999. Publications like Flaunt, Livemint, Haute Living, JPost, DailyCaller, etc sometimes help you in the process of verification. So these publications are part of the profile of many influencers and entrepreneurs who opted for social media verification.


Zhi Ko is seen sharing the spot with another entrepreneur. Such practices are usually done to save a few $$$ and get your name in the “title”. Getting published on IBTimes isn’t cheap so sharing spots benefits you all together and works in your favor. NekozTek’s  Ib times article is Fake, Self-Posted, and  Paid.


He does have some real media coverage apart from the above Paid one.

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