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Charlene Izere, Melanin and Money & Fake Paid Articles



“Charlene Izere is the founder of three business ventures  – Wellness Delivered ( a self-care and community brand ), Melanin & Money ( a resource hub for Black Women entrepreneurs ), and Soulful Systems ( an Online Business Management Agency )   “-  Bio from Paid  Articles.

Charlene Izere’s Paid articles revolve around helping black women and how she experienced major setbacks and hurdles along her journey as a black female which eventually led her to come up with her ventures so that others don’t endure the same setbacks and challenges.  She wants to create a better society and support system for black female entrepreneurs which is really a great thing.  In order to do so she herself needs some exposure and credibility. And the best way is to get Featured on Top Tier Publications.

This is why she posted a lot of Fake and Paid Articles to promote herself sharing her struggle journey from cleaning houses, designing assets for an ostrich company, and babysitting; to multiple six-figures. Her Paid article portrays her as a “Top Black female creator and Entrepreneur” which is really difficult to believe. Below  Publications can be bought from Freelancing sites like and for $50  – $500. Getting Featured in this publication only requires $$$, the rest is manageable.

When you pay for the Articles, then you need to use them for your Branding and Marketing. Below Banner can be seen on her website [ ].  Instead of “As  Seen on”, it should be “As Paid for”.




Charlene Izere underestimates the power of storytelling and Feature Articles. She says that “Use your story and experience as an opportunity to position yourself as a subject matter expert.” and she is doing well through her Paid Interview / Feature Articles in various  Publications. We can find her flaunting these Paid Articles on her Social Media as if it was really featured organically.

After publishing her paid article on Thriveglobal, She can be seen on Facebook with a caption that says ” Thrive Global just picked up my story and I couldn’t be more excited.” Seriously?  is Free to register the community and anyone can post the content if decent, nonpolarized content is submitted.  Thriveglobal is not involved in publishing any content. In her case, It’s Kelly Wing whose profile is filled with many such entrepreneurs who opted for paid articles. Article on ThriveGlobal is bought for merely $50 from  ( FREELANCE Community ). There is nothing great in this.  Anyone can submit their own content and get it featured.

Social-Media-Appreciation-Charlene-IzereAs the CEO and Founder of all 3 businesses, Charlene has been serving as an inspiration to women across the globe. but what is the use of all achievements if nobody knows about it? This is why it is important to promote your achievements through paid articles. Below is an example of articles where  Charlene Izere has been featured. These publications run on the ” Pay to Publish”  model, so any article on these publications lacks credibility.

A Publication such as Influencive costs you $100, SeekersTimes $50, Disrupt Magazine $100, and more.

Some Top Tier Publications. Looks like Charlene Izere had a good budget.

Charlene Izere on ENTREPRENEUR.COM and among the top Female Entrepreneurs. How?

Charlene Izere is listed in Entrepreneur India’s article as one of the Female Entrepreneurs to follow in 2021. The Article of Entrepreneur itself is a sponsor Article that you can buy from Entrepreneur India for $1500. It looks like 7 Entrepreneurs clubbed together to pay for this and get themselves listed in the Article.  Many other Entrepreneurs such as  Dr.Bao-Tran and Annetta Powell are also part of these paid articles.

Entrepreneur India  Paid  Article –


More Paid Articles in the format of Top Entrepreneurs:

Charlene Izere on FORBES.COM

The Article [ The Importance Of Social Capital, According To One Black Female Founder ] on by  Julia Wuench looks suspicious as most of the articles of Charlene Izere are  Paid.  So it’s obvious this is another paid article pitched by a PR  agency for her and got her published.

We now look forward to Charlene Izere’s organic articles instead of Paid like this.


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