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Rudi Riekstins, Business Coach, Speaker & Paid Articles




Rudi Ayden Riekstins is an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, coach and co-founder of the InPowered Life Podcast. – Bio from Paid Articles

Rudi Riekstins’ journey as an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and coach comes into sharp focus through his meticulously crafted PR articles. Particularly illuminating is his emphasis on coaching, where his paid PR pieces delve into transforming leadership paradigms. These articles underline his commitment to aiding leaders in reshaping their operational approaches, resulting in heightened employee engagement and enhanced productivity.

Moreover, Riekstins employs the platform of paid PR articles to spotlight his complimentary book, “How To Scale Your Business By Aligning Your Team With Your Vision.” This literary offering serves as a wellspring of sagacious leadership counsel. PR articles help to promote and self-brand your business. That’s why people opt for paid articles, they can self-glorify their story and get it published as these publications feature self-drafted articles without any fact-checks. So why not do it?  Rudi’s skill, expertise, and achievements are genuine, we are not doubting about it.  However, we’re currently looking into his paid sponsored articles that are posted below.

You can also check his Instagram profile where he has posted images of his featured article. He is boosting them as if they are organic but in reality, they are just paid articles.




Rudi Riekstins appears to be an exceedingly credible coach. How might his credibility be further elevated? To further bolster the credibility, what strategies could be employed? Many business leaders and coaches opt for self-promotion through paid PR articles, such as feature pieces and interviews. Consequently, Rudi ‘s choice to utilize paid PR articles stands a well-considered decision. These publications are known for their brand content and sold by many PR agencies in package or individually. For example – Article on LAweekly cost $499, Ibtimes $1500 etc.



One of his paid PR pieces ( thrive global ) states that he’s a top 5 coach, while another one ( Business Insider )  claims he’s among the top 20 thought leaders. It would have been more impressive if these articles were genuine and organic.

For Example an article on Thriveglobal titled “Top 10 Coaches To Help You Thrive In 2021” is actually a community post where anyone can contribute their own article and make whatever claims they want. Alternatively, it only costs $20 – $50 to publish an article on Thriveglobal by hiring freelancers from platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour. There’s no editorial review of articles on Thriveglobal, and the list itself is created by the individuals who submit the articles. Same is with other articles like USATODAY which is sponsored posting followed by disrupt magazine.



Rudi Riekstins, Host of the InPowered Life Podcast definitely deserves recognition on Forbes. However, it’s quite evident that the mention of him in the Forbes article by contributor “Ashira Prossack” is a paid inclusion, without needing complex analysis. This same article also highlights other coaches. Interestingly, we’ve previously covered Ashira Prossack in our website and her profile has been suspended due to her involvement in paid PR activities.

We are now looking forward to some real media coverage of Rudi Riekstins.

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