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AC Hampton, Supreme Ecom & Fake Paid Articles




Alexander Hampton aka AC Hampton is an entrepreneur, Mentor, and  founder of Supreme Ecom, an eCommerce course” – Bio from the Paid article

In his paid and sponsored feature articles, Alexander shares the story of his challenging beginnings. Following his college graduation, Alex Cara Hampton entered the corporate world, only to realize that it didn’t align with his aspirations. Undeterred, he ventured into the realm of e-commerce, but initial failures marked his path. Despite these setbacks, he persevered, ultimately achieving a significant 7-figure success.

Had it not been for the obstacles he faced, his entrepreneurial journey might have commenced much earlier. His failures, however, served as stepping stones, propelling him toward success. Today, he claims himself as the “Dropshipping King” and imparts his wisdom through his self-established E-commerce mentorship program. Under the banner of “Supreme Ecom,” Alexander provides paid one-on-one mentorship sessions, sharing his experiences and expertise.

Establishing credibility is crucial when mentoring others. There are various effective methods to enhance your credibility apart from being featured in media outlets, which can then be utilized for self-promotion. This explains why individuals like AC Hampton resort to paid articles. While his personal struggles and experiences may be authentic, the same cannot be said for his articles—they are entirely fabricated and paid for.

When one invests in paid articles, it’s natural to showcase these achievements. AC Hampton does this adeptly, particularly in his Instagram highlights, where he portrays these paid features as genuine and organic, even though they are far from it.

Flaunting Paid Stories on Insta Highlights:


Interestingly, AC Hampton encourages people to pay him a significant amount for his mentorship and guidance in the realm of e-commerce, promising to teach them how to amass wealth. One might wonder, instead of charging fees for mentorship, why not replicate his own e-commerce strategy to build his fortune independently? It raises curiosity.

Moreover, there are numerous claims suggesting that the courses he offers are not worth the money spent. Many individuals assert that they haven’t profited from his dropshipping courses, further raising doubts about the effectiveness of his teachings. Here is one detailed review video exposing his services – and redditt



AC Hampton’s narrative appears touching and motivational, largely due to the substantial investment he makes in crafting his promotional articles. His PR service provider has undeniably excelled in narrating his inspiring tale across various publications. While this story resonates in the beginning, it becomes repetitive upon closer scrutiny. AC Hampton has undeniably demonstrated what he preaches; his significant investment in self-branding has garnered him a considerable following of devoted believers.

However, what many of his followers might not be aware of is that AC Hampton’s articles are not genuine; they are paid for and fabricated. When articles are paid for, there’s a certain liberty to self-aggrandize, as these publications often publish drafts without questioning their authenticity. Publications like Flaunt, VillageVoice, and Daily Caller work on “Pay to Publish” under their Sponsor / Brand Content which you can buy directly from the publications for $800 – $1200. His Fake Paid Articles claims that” Under his leadership, Supreme E-com has been named the number one recommended drop shipping agency in the country”. We really like to see the authenticity of this claim.  Is it really?

Below are some more Articles on paid publications that can be purchased from any PR Agency or freelancing sites such as for $50 – $150.



AC Hampton benefits from a proficient PR team that managed to secure his presence on Forbes online. However, the authenticity of his Forbes mention raises questions due to his dubious PR tactics. A Forbes contributor named “Annie Brown,” well-known for her paid article services, has been previously featured in our publication. Notably, she has faced repercussions and is now banned from Forbes due to her involvement in paid activities.

Securing a mention on Forbes can be as simple as paying a fee ranging from $800 to $2000 on platforms like Forbes contributors typically acknowledge their paid clients through a CEO Mention, where they incorporate a quote or comment, crediting the clients with their name and backlink. AC Hampton’s mention in her article follows a similar pattern, indicating the nature of its origin. It doesn’t take an expert to discern that his Forbes mention is entirely paid for and therefore, not genuine.


Let some Real Media outlet cover him for his achievements rather than self posted fake articles.


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