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AC Hampton, Supreme Ecom & Fake Paid Articles




Alexander Hampton aka AC Hampton is an entrepreneur, Mentor, and  founder of Supreme Ecom, an eCommerce course” – Bio from the Paid article

Overall his paid articles say that Alexander Hampton started his journey with a rough patch. After completing college, Alex Cara Hampton started a corporate job that didn’t fulfill his needs and went on to open an e-commerce business. After failing miserably, he found his way to success which earned him his 7-figure amount. His journey would’ve started early if he hadn’t faced many difficulties and his failure led him to start his own Ecommerce mentorship. Self-claimed “Dropshiping King” currently sells his experience and mentorship through his paid program ” Supreme Ecom” where he takes 1-on-1 mentorship lectures to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.

When you are mentoring others, it is necessary to develop your credibility first. What could have been better ways to enhance your credibility other than getting featured in Media Outlets which you can use to market yourself? This is why we can see AC Hampton opting for Paid Articles. His Struggle and experience may be true but not definitely not his articles. Those are 100% Fake and Paid. When you have invested in Paid Articles, why not flaunt it? And he is doing well in his Instagram Highlights as if those are real and organic.

Flaunting Paid Stories on Insta Highlights:

AC-Hampton-Paid-ArticleBTW AC Hampton can be seen asking people to pay him $$$ for his Mentorship and Guidance for ECOMM where he teaches them to make fortunes. Why not rinse and Repeat your own ecomm strategy to make your own fortune instead of asking for fees from others? Just Curious !!.  Also, many claims that his courses are not worth the money, and many of them neither made any money from his dropshipping courses.




AC Hampton’s story seems so touching and aspiring because he is paying $$$$ to write up his fake articles. The content team has done an exceptional job at writing his inspiring story in every publication. You will know it if you go through every article but becomes repetitive after some point in time. AC Hampton has proved what he has said. He has been investing in self-branding which got him a great number of followers and believers. But they aren’t aware of AC Hampton’s articles are fake and paid. If the articles are paid, one gets the liberty to self-glorify, as these publications accept drafts that they publish with no questions asked.

The publications like Flaunt, VillageVoice, and Daily Caller work on “Pay to Publish” under their Sponsor / Brand Content which you can buy directly from the publications for $800 – $1200. His Fake Paid Articles claims that” Under his leadership, Supreme E-com has been named the number one recommended drop shipping agency in the country”. We really like to see the authenticity of this claim.  Is it really?

Below are some more Articles on paid publications that can be purchased from any PR Agency or freelancing sites such as for $50 – $150.



AC Hampton has a great PR team who have also made him to Forbes magazine. His Forbes mention is questionable because of his fake PR stunt. Forbes Contributor “Annie Brown” is known for her paid articles services and we have covered her in our publication. She is now banned from Forbes for her paid activity.

A mention in Forbes can be achieved for $800 – $2000 from The style in which  Forbes contributor mentions paid client is through CEO Mention where they write some quote or comment giving the clients their credit in form of their Name + Backlink.   AC Hampton is mentioned in her article in the same way which does not require rocket science to understand the nature of its mention. His Forbes mention is 100% Paid and Fake.


Let some Real Media outlet cover him for his achievements rather than self posted fake articles.


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