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Shawn Sharma, Credit | Travel | Crypto & Fake Paid Articles



” Seven-figure entrepreneur, Shawn Sharma, teaches clients how to maximize returns through various advises related to Credit Repair, Travel, Crypto and Arbitration through his inner circle membership” – Bio from Paid Articles

Shawn Sharma’s Paid Interviews and Feature Articles explains how he mastered the skills after dropping out of Medical School and persuades the passion of educating people on the intricacies of credit and making it a familiar resource in their everyday lives. He understands the power of Self Branding and this is why we can see that he has invested in his own promotion through Paid Articles in various Publications. Suddenly you will see his  Instagram flaunting Crypto-based Knowledge and Investment like he made millions and asking people to join his inner paid groups for a discounted price of $1k – $3k so others can also make 6 – 8 figures with their so-called secrets.  Someone, who has so much knowledge to make millions is looking for a fee of $1k from others? Why not use your own millions earned through those secrets and scale it?

His life struggle, achievements, and expertise may be True not the below Paid Interviews and Feature Articles. Those are 100% Paid PR Articles to promote himself and for verification purposes.

You will find him showing off lavish travel,  his watches, luxurious life, hotel stays, and how his enrolled clients are making $$$ through his help on Instagram.  But all this seems a little show-off marketing style when we found out about his fake paid articles. Do not forget his  Youtube flaunting below articles –

His own paid fake articles portray him as a Credit Expert. Looking at all the Fake Articles, it’s really difficult to believe him and his expertise. If you browse his website,  You will find below the Banner the website. Seriously? – Those are Paid articles, Friend. No one care to feature you until you Pay. Right?

Shawn Sharma

Seems like the below Paid Articles got him verified. The Average cost of this Publication ranges from $50 – $100. When you earn in 6 Figures then investing in Self-branding through your own paid Article is a must. Along with Fake Paid articles,  Shawn Sharma’s Instagram is filled with fake followers too.  Do not ignore the Fake Bot spamming on the comment section of his Instagram Post. When you have 3.5  M fake followers, it’s obvious that you need to balance the comment section with some numbers.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing a few Paid Articles ] [ He got verified using the below-Paid Articles ]


When you are into a money-making Business and need to convince your Followers on how they can make money with you, then apart from showing a luxury lifestyle is not enough. You need to show them your credibility and getting featured in Press is one of them.   Just in case, anyone feels that Shawn Sharma’s articles are organically covered by the publications. Then you are wrong. All his Interviews and Feature articles are Fake self Paid where you can pay $$$ to the publication and get your own article posted. It doesn’t matter what you write about yourself. Below Publications works on “Just Pay to get Featured”. They are posted under sponsor brand content. He desperately needed Verified Badge and this is why you can see his paid articles everywhere popping in google search.

A few Examples are JPost, Statesman, and You can clearly see that this is a sponsored post in the below screenshot.

Sponsor-Post Shawn Sharma

Below are some more Fake Self Posted Articles by Shawn Sharma.

This Publications mentioned below can be easily bought from or any SEO group for merely $50 – $500 depending on the Publications. For example Ibtimes for $150, Influencive for $99. DisruptMagazine for $99,  Yahoo Finance for $350 through  Accesswire. He got $$$$ and he knows the value of personal branding. His investment in this self fake Paid posted article is worth it.

 Add From ServerBelow article cost around $50 – $400, so there’s nothing to pride about.


We happen to see Shawn Sharma’s Forbes Article by Shama Hyder. And who doesn’t know Shama Hyder is among those contributors who herself offers PR Services and does Forbes Paid Articles. Looks like Mr. Shawn Sharma heavily invested in his Self PR for own promotion. BTW you need really good contact for this.


Update: Forbes Contributor Shama  Hyder is now banned from Forbes for Paid Content after Shawn  Sharma’s article.  Her last article was  Shawn Sharma’s only. Looks like Shawn Sharma’s article was bad luck to her.

You may find him acting like some celebrity on his Social  Media and sometimes flaunting this article snippet as if they were real. But they are not

Unfortunately at this moment, all his articles are Fake and Self Posted. Hope we will find real articles about Shawn Sharma.


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