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Mike Ashabi, True Life Ventures & Fake Paid Articles




Mike Ashabi is the founder of True Life Ventures, Coaching Business and Author of the Book “Demanding Greatness” – Bio from Paid Articles

His Paid Interviews and  Success  Stories speaks about his life ups and down from dropping out of college to doing odd jobs and later ending up in starting one-stop coaching services with available resources to help other entrepreneurs and business owners. His life and working experience have enabled him to help others who were going through similar struggles. Mike Ashabi’s paid interview says that he directly gets involved with my clients, learns about their situation, and develops strategies to help them.

All the expertise and experience are of no use if not put forward to the crowd. What could have been the best way to promote yourself other than Getting Featured in  Media Outlets where you can share your skills and experience? Hence we can see a lot of Media  Interviews and  Success  Stories of Mike Ashabi in various publications. His Expertise, Skills, and achievements are real but not the below interviews and feature articles that anyone can buy from any  PR Freelancer or from Freelancing Sites for $50  – $500.  In Mike Ashabi’s case, the PR service provider seems like Jose Aristimuno of  VIP  Media.

When you have invested so much in the below Paid Interviews and  Articles then why not flaunt it or use it as marketing Material which he  is doing wisely in his  website  –


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ] [ Website he created for his Tour ]


Being into the Online niche, Mike Ashabi understands the importance of online reputation and Self Branding. This is why he doing marketing through Paid Interviews and Success Stories is nothing surprising. Also, he being an associate of Jose Aristimuño understands the potential of Paid Articles due to which he can be seen reselling someones’ PR Packages [].  His Paid Articles are published in various publications which are known for their “Pay to Publish” Model and are available to publish any content you want for $$$.


Publication  Like Disrupt Magazine costs $99, FutureShark $175, Forbes India allows you to publish any content for $699 under their Brand Content Program. 

Hence anything you read about him is just self-drafted and posted by him or his PR  guy by paying the publications. This ain’t organic and Real Stories. Glad to see that he has not done any paid articles around his Book ” DEMANDING GREATNESS“. [ They allow you to post any content under their brand content program for $699 ] [ But this Publication for $99 from ] [ No Comments – ] [ Network of FutureShark ]

Apart from the above Publications, Who doesn’t know the so-called  Spam WordPress sites which are sold as  Media Outlets in Packages by Jose Aristimuno at discounted prices 365 days. These websites are just spam network of sites created with fancy location-based domains that themselves needs  SEO  and credibility first. Single Content Copy pasted in all websites.


Yahoo  Network [ News / Finance / Sports / Money ] sync content from their network aggregator. This means any network which is approved by Yahoo publishes the content then it is automatically picked by Yahoo News and Finance without validating any claims or anything in content. So you just need to publish the content on Yahoo network sites.  Out of all, the known common way to get on Yahoo is through using Press Release  Services of AccessWire which cost $299. Once you publish your own desired content on AccessWire, it is then automatically seen on  Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News which many people are not aware of.

So the PR Service Providers clubs all clients in a single article in the listicle format making them feel like “Top Entrepreneurs ” or “Success Entrepreneur”  [Whatever title that satisfies the client ego] and publishes them using AccessWire Service which eventually shows in Yahoo News and  Yahoo Finance. So Mike Ashabi’s inclusion in the so-called Article ” Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2020″  is nothing but a Paid one which the article itself has no credibility. Mike uses this paid opportunity to glorify himself as a successful entrepreneur on Social Media Bio and Marketing Material is funny. [ Pay Edtimes $100 and get content published which then sync to Yahoo News and Finance ] [ The Most Funny Articles. Listing all payers ] [ Use Press Release Service of AccessWire for $299 to get your content published in Yahoo Finance and News ]


Getting Featured on Forbes requires you to be a credible person or you just a few $$$  and a PR Service Provider.  Alternately you can find some Freelancer on or and they charge you around $800 – $1200 for Brand Mention where they mention you in form of a  comment or Quote giving you credit in form of your Full Name, Company Name, and Backlink [ optional ] or $4000 – $5000 for a Feature Article. Forbes Contributor Stephanie Burns is known for her paid articles. One of the best examples of her paid article is this article where she clubbed multiple clients and made it look real and organic without giving any backlinks. Everyone in the PR industry knows her being a contributor having relationships with PR agencies.

Mike Ashabi’s mention in this Forbes already is Paid. Even though he claims that it was a  pitch but we all know what is real and what is  Paid.

He really deserves Real and Organic media coverage for all his struggle and expertise not this Paid one.

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