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Exposing: Psychotherapist Coach Crystal Stokes & Fake Paid Articles




” Crystal Stokes is a licensed psychotherapist, certified performance Coach & Public Speaker who helps those in need of personal development and mental health guidance.” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles

Crystal developed the Bespoke Program based on the idea that psychotherapy or coaching alone often falls short of achieving profound and lasting results. Her Program has really good testimony and she definitely a credible person to work with. We are not judging her credibility based on her skills but her action of posting her own paid articles.

Crystal Stokes Self Posted paid article speaks about her old day’s struggle which eventually motivated her to find power and safety in wealth. That’s really inspiring and motivating. But at the same Crystal Stokes also understands the importance of Self Branding, hence we can find her doing a few Paid PR Articles.



Being into Coaching and  Mentor service, she needs to have some credibility.  Hence her action of paying to get herself promoted in various publications is justified. Crystal Stokes Paid PR Articles are mostly posted under “Sponsor Content ” or ” Brand Content” which is Pay to Publish. Apart from this her articles on a few of the publications by common author ” DN News Desk “. For Example – An article on FoxInterviewer and DailyCaller.

Anyone can publish on this publication for merely $50 – $500. Just go to and find this publication openly sold for $$$.


The Article on Ibtimes UK is purely paid and the best part is 2 Clients are merged in this Article. Both Crystal Stokes and Katie LaFrance did pay articles to promote themselves. The Service Provider for both is DN News Desk which is not a coincidence but 100% Paid and Fake. You can read about Fake Paid article about Katie LaFrance – Here.


Crystal Stokes on ENTREPRENEUR and FORBES. HOW?

We are not surprised to Find performance Coach Crystal Stokes on This article is again Fake, Self Posted, and Paid. Everyone knows Entrepreneur India charges $1000 – $1200 to post any article you want. All Article posted under “Rebecca Lee ” is all Paid.

The Same goes with her Forbes Article. Shama Hyder is one of the Contributors who is known for Paid Forbes Article. Crystal Stokes’s article on Forbes by Shama Hyder is nothing but a Paid PR Article. This is one of the good investments she did on herself to promote herself and it’s really worth it.


Apart from testimonials and results, being in Coaching Service, It is wise to invest in Promoting yourself and Crystal Stokes. You never know we may see her profile getting verified.

We now look forward to more of her Self Posted Fake PR Articles.

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