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Robin Janssens, Founder Meta Legends & Fake Paid Articles




“Robin Janssens is an entrepreneur, Founder of a Meta Legends NFT, and Musical Artist.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Robin Janssens’s paid feature article speaks about his success stories, achievements, and about his singing career. From a very young age, he was determined to build a career in the entrepreneurial world. His paid interview claims that  Currently, he plays an active role within 3 companies and is associated with ten other companies that employ over 100 people, and has scaled his organizations to millions of revenue. Along with this, he also started his singing career and has many singles under his name. With two successful careers, he felt the need to showcase it to the world with paid articles.

Robin Janssens’s old paid articles revolve around business and entrepreneurship while the recent one is about his Musical career. One of his articles says his core focus is creating systems and methods of scaling businesses quickly and effectively. In the same way, he is also aware that feature articles are the method of achieving verification fast and easily. Due to this, we can see he has opted for a lot of Paid and sponsored PR Interviews in various publications.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Paid Articles ]


Robin Janssens has a multi-dollar business and investing $$$$ in self-branding seems completely fair. Also, these paid interviews and feature articles helped him to get verified which was totally worth the investment. When you opt for Paid Service verification then it is common to see a lot of Indian  Publications under their profile. This is because Indian publications are cheap and were part of the verification process. These Indian publications merely publish anything you want as long you are paying them. You can purchase this Indian publication from any PR group on Facebook which cost around $50  – $250 or from


Robin Janssens paid feature articles also can be seen in some credible publications which allow anyone to publish their own interview and feature article under their paid program with a disclaimer. Robin Janssens’s articles seem very motivating but they are also monotonous. Well, if you are spending good $$$$ on credible publications then why not spare some $$$ for the content team? His content team should really work on his articles. These happen only when the publications are paid as they accept self-drafted articles and submit them as they are. With a decent budget of $999 -$1500, you can buy from the publication itself.


Apart from the above credible publications, the founder of Meta Legends NFT’s article can be seen in spam publications as well which cost $20 – $50 from Freelancer sites like These publications do not care about plagiarism and publish any copy-paste junk content as well. So anything you read about Robin Janssenson the below websites is Fake and Paid. Some of the old articles speak about him being a successful entrepreneur and some recent ones are about his Music success.


Robin’s article on Forbes Monaco is a sponsored and paid article.  Forbes  Monaco offers paid placement under Brand Voice for $3000. You can publish any content and they publish it without any editorial review.



IB Times UK ain’t cheap so sharing spots in paid placement not only helps to share the cost with another entrepreneur but also eventually serves the purpose of verification. The below article is just written merely to club  2 entrepreneurs in a single article without giving any value to readers.  Robin Janssens’s IB Times article with Adrian Bo is 100% paid. Even  Adrian Bo did paid articles and we covered him also in our publications.  Both entrepreneurs are on the same journey – Social  Media  Verification through Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.

We hope some Publication really covers him organically.


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