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Adrian Bo, Real Estate Coach & Fake Paid Articles




Adrian Bo is a licensed and accredited Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. He specializes in Sales, Coaching, Leadership & Auctioneering and hence offers Coaching and Mentorship.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Adrian Bo’s paid feature interviews and articles claim that he is one of the top real estate agents and auctioneers with more than 100K followers in the whole of Australia. Not only that, he specializes in sales, coaching, consulting, and leadership. He has started an online course called “The Adrian Bo System” where he coaches and advises his students to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. He also has a podcast where he talks about his courses, real estate, sales, property, and marketing.

AB Coaching CEO understands the need for marketing and especially the importance of self-branding. With these paid interviews and feature articles, Adrian Bo is trying to increase his online base and make people aware of his work and online course. If your course is helping people achieve their goals then why do fake PR and paid articles? Not only that, but you will also see him flaunting his Paid interviews on his Instagram highlights as if those are real and organic. These articles also helped him to get verified on Social  Media.  Seems like the below articles were purchased in Package for verification which is very common in the Digital World.

Social Media Flaunting of Paid Mentions –


His Skills, Expertise, and Achievements are Real but not the below  Interviews and Articles which can be purchased from any PR Freelancer for $100 – $500 in packages.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Adrian Bo’s fake articles and paid interviews revolve mainly around his online course and success stories. It seems like he is trying to convince his readers why they should opt for his services. When you are spending $$$$ on paid articles then why not brag about it, also, one gets the freedom to self-glamourize and write anything you want. Adrian Bo also claims in one of his paid articles that he is among the top real estate agent with the most high-profile clients. This can be true but when these are paid, then the claims and whatever is written in the articles are questionable.

Adrian Bo’s articles may look like it is organic but the fact doesn’t change that these articles are available to purchase from any freelancer on These publications are known for paid placement.  You just need to give them your own drafted article and they publish it merely for $20 – $200. For example – Fox Interviewer for $5,  America Daily  post $50, and London Post $50


Adrian Bo in one of his fake paid interview articles says that Social media is no longer just a means of staying connected. It has the power to create a brand.” This is why we can see him doing self Branding. And what could have been the better way other than getting verified and getting published in media outlets? Below Publications offer anyone to publish their own interview or feature article under their advertising program called Brand Content where they publish it with Disclaimer.  Publications like DailyCaller, Village Voice, and Mercury News offers paid placement for $800 – $1500 and can be purchased directly from them.



Forbes India is a regional publication of Forbes and it’s a cakewalk to get featured on Forbes India. Forbes India allows you to publish your desired content under the brand connect program merely for $1000. This is why you will find most of the entrepreneur articles on India because it is easily available for paid placement. Anything you read in below Forbes India article is self-drafted and paid.



Sharing paid placement in the article is a cost-effective and old method of the PR  industry to share the cost of publication by merging them. These articles are written with only the purpose of social media verification without giving any value to readers.  For which “Name ” in the article title is important and we can see the same in the below article. Anyone can get themselves featured in this publication if they have a decent budget. An article on IB TIMES cost $1500 while Forbes Monaco cost $3000.

Real Estate Coach,  Adrian Bo’s article in the below publication is 100% Fake and Paid.


IB TIMES shared with Robin Janssens –

FORBES MONACO with Peter Tri

We like to see some real interviews and media mentions instead of the above fake articles.


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