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Travis Bott, Meta Labs Agency & Fake Paid Articles




“Travis Bott is a Crypto Enthusiastic, Entrepreneur,  Founder of Meta  Labs Agency, and associated with few companies including Beyond Global, MLM venture and Lurra Life” – Bio from Paid Articles

Irrespective of his paid articles, Travis Bott is a Doer. His paid articles claim that Travis Bott is a known name in the cryptocurrency space and had a tremendous influence on shaping the landscape of cryptocurrency. As per his sponsored interviews, he has played a major role in the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies with his incentive-based rewards program. When you are in the crypto space then you need to stand out of the crowd  and certainly, content marketing through paid interviews and success stories is an ideal way in the present digital world to get the masses convinced about your crypto knowledge and expertise

Travis Bott’s Interviews and Feature  Articles that you see in Google Search are just Self Posted Paid PR Articles to promote himself as a Crypto Guru or his ventures that surround around “Beyond Global” and “Coin Zoom”. These Publications run on the “Pay to Publish” model and they publish anything as long you pay them and can be purchased either from them directly or from freelancer sites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or Upwork for $50 – $100 each publication. If not then you need a PR  agency that knows where to buy this.

Also, Travis Bott has a past bad reputation so he has another reason to do some good Articles.  We are not here to judge his Scams or Fraud but just to expose his paid Articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Nowhere to be seen now ] [ Inactive ]


Travis Bott understands the importance of Self Branding through Interviews and Feature Articles, hence we can see him doing paid articles since 2020 when he was promoting his multi-level marketing space under “Beyond Global” and “Lurra Life“. When you are planning to make big in the crypto domain,  it is necessary to create some news around and build trust first. He did this well by publishing a lot of his own interviews and features in various publications. This really helped him to enhance his credibility and at the same time gave his brand the exposure that he needed.

Articles on The American Reporter cost $99, LondonPost $60, TechBullion $99, etc can be purchased by the publication itself. His Fake paid articles either published by him or his PR agency have a repetitive tone revolving around the same topic and has the same image as Feature  Image.


Apart from the above Publications,  we do have some Credible Publications which ain’t cheap too. These Publications allow you to post anything under their advertising program. So it’s no surprise to see Travis Bott’s Feature Article in this publication. Publications like Jpost cost $800, Village Voice $999, Flaunt $999, etc from Publications directly.



Getting mentioned in the Entrepreneur article is no more a huge challenge as long as anyone has the budget for it. Entrepreneur India allows you to post any content under their Brand  Content Program for $1000 – $1500. This gives the opportunity for PR or Freelancer Service to the club’s many clients in a single article. Travis Bott’s mention in this Entrepreneur article is one of those examples.


Update: The article is Deleted now.


Why not Forbes Monaco if we cannot make it to Forbes USA? Forbes Monaco like Entrepreneur India allows Brand Content where anyone can publish their desired content under any author name by opting for their Brand Content Program. The Forbes Mexico Author ” Thomas Herd ” is common to other publications too such as  Village Voice. Looks like we know his PR Guy. Btw, You can post your Article on Forbes Monaco for $3000.


We loved to see Travis Bott’s organic and real articles but not his Paid Success Stories.


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