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Reuben Deleon: Failed Fake Artist Instagram Verification Method




According to an estimate, 95 million profiles out of 1 billion total Instagram profiles are fake. This statement has raised alarm for everyone including celebrities, entrepreneurs, musicians, sportspersons, artists, etc. While some of these fake profiles are harmless, a lot of these profiles are used for committing scams. These profiles personify popular users and try to scam people out of their money using various schemes.

These scams forced Instagram and other platforms to devise a way to tackle this challenge. As a result, Instagram and other platforms have adopted the blue tick mark that denotes that the profile is verified and authentic.


Have you ever noticed the blue tick marks on some of the popular profiles? These blue tick marks mean that Instagram has checked the user profile and matched it with the relevant information to discover that the user is who they claim to be. When you get a blue tick mark, you don’t only get elite status but also access to special Instagram features not available to everyone.

Also, you start getting monetary benefits in terms of marketing as influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing techniques right now.


Profile verification has helped Instagram to reduce the number of scams. It follows strict standards and put the profile through various tests before allotting it a blue tick mark. However, while it has made the guidelines or requirements available to the public, there are some hidden criteria too. So, no one is sure about the exact requirements.

But, looking at the trends and structure of the verified profiles, a lot of PR professionals have broken the code and discovered the minimum requirements. Some of those requirements are mentioned below.

Unique and Real profile
There should only be one profile representing the entity. Barring the language-specific accounts, you should delete your duplicate accounts.

Complete profile
Your Instagram profile should have all the necessary information including your bio and display picture. It should also be public for interaction with your followers.

Follower base and engagement
Having a significant number of users with a good engagement rate is not mandatory but it is good o have the organic metric in order to get your profile verified.

Media coverage
Instagram checks the media coverage you’ve received to verify the significance of your profile.

Looking at how difficult it is to become a verified user on Instagram, some PR professionals have found ways to trick Instagram. This is even more difficult for a specific category such as Business / Entrepreneur.  So, these PR people are selling this expertise to wannabe verified users for thousands of dollars to get them the blue tick marks. Everyone wants to reap the benefits of Instagram verification and they’re willing to pay the cost.

This eagerness to become Instagram verified has driven the masses to this Fake Artist Instagram Verification scheme. This scheme is illegitimate and can get reversed when flagged by Instagram during the Manual review.

Latest Update –  ProPublica exposed these verification schemes and many of them got debadged including our Fake Artist Case Study  – Reuben Deleon [ DJ Deleon ]


It’s been noticed that getting verified as a musician/artist is the simplest. Even when you’re an entrepreneur, which is the hardest profile to get verified, you can easily be verified as a musician or artist. This is more like tricking the IG Verification team into that you are a real artist or musician by pretending on Social Media. In short, All you need is a few basic tracks on some music platforms, some PR articles that can be easily purchased, and a proper bio and followers. Once you’ve all this sorted out, the rest is easy.

Fake Artist Verification Cost $6 – 8k  with a timeline of 3 – 4 weeks.


Let’s look at the step-by-step process by which you can verify even your entrepreneurial profile as a musician. In this case, we are going to take Reuben Deleon, a credit repair entrepreneur as an example of how we can get verified as a Fake Artist ” DJ Deleon” on Instagram. [ Verification Badge Removed ]

Reuben Deleon provides services related to the credit problem. He offers credit coaching and repair, and business coaching.  Reuben Deleon is quite aware that Having a verified blue tick will not enhance his credibility but also increase trust among his clients.  But the real problem is that being verified as an entrepreneur is time-consuming and a costly investment where you have to feature yourself on various top-tier publications that cost $15k – $20k. Even after getting featured in so many publications, that does not guarantee verification in the Entrepreneur / Business category. Everyone is not lucky as Shawn Sharma who got himself verified as an Entrepreneur category with those Paid Fake Articles.

Step 1: Pretend like an Artist or Musician.

In order to get verified as Musician or Artist, You need to behave or pretend like a real Artist. You need to post content in branded clothes, luxurious locations, studios, etc that’s typical of a musician’s lifestyle. Your Social Media content should revolve around music that can convince the verification team that you are a real artist.

An example of this can be seen on Reuben Deleon’s Instagram where he can be seen posting content pretending like he is an Artist [ DJ Deleon ] with various captions. Update: He deleted all those music-based content once he was verified.

Step 2. Have a Verified Spotify Profile with your Music.

A real artist does have their own tracks and music populated or distributed on various channels like – Youtube Music,  Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud While the fake artist has to create some music in order to look like them. There are many service providers on freelancing websites that provide music creation and distribution services ranging from $150 – $200.  In this service, they randomly create 5 – 10 pieces of music in your name and publish them on various music platforms as mentioned above. Out of all, Having a verified Spotify is important which comes in the package. The verified Spotify profile should be properly optimized with Tracks, Monthly listeners, and the popular track.

An example of this can be seen with Reuben Deleon’s verified Spotify Fake artist [ DJ Deleon ]  profile. His Spotify consist of some random music that no one bothers to listen to or share with some boosted stats on each music as if someone is really listening to it [ Now Deleted ]. He shared this Spotify screenshot on Instagram as well to look like an Artist and Musician.

https://www.instagram.compCdgxkonpgr- [ Deleted after verified] [ Deleted after verified ] [ Deleted after verified] [ Deleted after verified] [ Deleted after verified] [ Deleted after verified ]

Step 3: Fake Articles to Support you as a Musician

Having a Social media profile that looks like an Artist or a few pieces of music distributed on a music platform is not enough to consider a credible artist. It has to be backed by media coverage that portrays you as a real artist.   This Media coverage not only helps to populate google with your name search as a real artist but also creates Google Knowledge Panel. Google Knowledge Panel increases your chances of getting verified.  This is why in order to get verified, it is mandatory to have a few PR Articles published on Music based publications. These publications are usually sold in Packages for “Fake Music Verification PR” which does not guarantee verification but when combined with proper PR methods for artists can do wonders. It cost somewhere around $800 – $1200 for a package or it can be purchased individually from Fiverr or PeoplePerHour for $50 – $100. These fake PR article published as Fake ARTIST  does not give any value to readers but are done only for 2 purposes.

  1. Name in the Title
  2. Should portray you as an Upcoming or Rising or Make name in Music Industry with Music.

Reuben Deleon aka DJ Deleon’s fake artist article is a perfect example of how you can populate the Search Engine to look like an Artist for Verification purposes.  As we discussed in Step 1 you need to pretend like an Artist, it becomes mandatory to share these fake articles in stories and posts.

Step 4. Wait and Let Google do its job

Once you have done the above steps in a proper way now it’s time to wait so that google indexes all the articles and the fake artist profile to create a Google Knowledge Panel. There are services where you can get your Google Knowledge Panel created which takes 1 – 2 weeks. Usually, a verified Spotify profile with a music track does the half work to support the Google Knowledge Panel while the other half is done through a Fake paid artist Article.  Eventually, after 2 – 3 weeks, whenever someone Googles for your name, you’re shown as a musician.

Step 5. Final Profile Optimization before Submission.

Before it is submitted for verification under the musician category. Your profile needs to be optimized to reflect you as a musician.  Some of the Modification are as follow:

a] Change the category of Profile to Musician and Declaration in Bio “Official Page” or  Artist Name to be used in Bio. [ Removed once verified ]
b] Include the verified Spotify link in the Bio [ Removed once verified ] 
c] Create Highlights in the Profile related to Music [ Removed once verified ] 

To understand it, an example of Fake artist Reuben Deleon aka DJ Deleon’s Instagram Profile can be seen.

Step 6.  Submit the Profile through Media Portal

Submitting through App has a very low chance of getting verified. This is why people usually submit fake artist verification through Music Distribution Portal or Media Portal. The services like this cost somewhere around $2k to $3k which guarantees the verification if the above steps are properly done.

Once Verified, Fake artists usually remove all the posts related to Music.  However, in order to ensure the verification remains intact, the category cannot be changed.


Yes, it’s as simple as this to get verified as a musician. However, it’s totally irrelevant to your profile, fake, expensive, and temporary. With Instagram clamping down on fake profiles, this is a temporary solution. So, rather than choosing the shortcut, we suggest you chose the right way and obtain the verification on merit.


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