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McCandless Group, Nick McCandless & Fake Paid Articles



Nick McCandless

“Nick McCandless  is an Entrepreneur and founder of McCandless Group.” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Nicholas McCandless’s paid Interviews and feature articles, he started his business journey at the age of 14.  He began by building his own website to start a media outlet based around the world of technology. Gradually, the website grew into a community of millions of followers. By the time he was 19, he got to live his California dream and moved to Hollywood. Soon, he transitioned into a career in software and had been using his expertise to thrive in a successful business. After working with hundreds of businesses around the world, Nick founded McCandless Group, full-spectrum professional services company that serves all of the needs a business possesses. The agency also guides and manages influencers and models to build their social media.

Nick McCandless, being the founder of a digital agency tells us that he is very much aware of self-branding. Since you are the founder of an agency, we are sure he knows the importance of feature articles or Paid PR  Interviews. Below fake paid interviews and success stories not helped him to enhance his credibility among his clients but also got his Instagram verified. His struggle,  achievements, and expertise are real but his below Interviews and feature articles are 100% paid.

When you have invested so much in paid articles, then why not use them for marketing? Nick McCandless is doing that very well on his Linkedin and accumulating appreciation as if those are Real Interviews.


Getting yourself on Wikipedia is the ultimate goal for most entrepreneurs and founders but when you can’t get on Wikipedia, you get yourself featured on duplicate sites like everybodywiki and gyaanipedia like Nick did. You can get your profile made on such a website for $50 – $100.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified then debadged due to below Paid Articles ]


According to his paid interviews, Nick McCandless realized the potential of social media platforms which has enabled him to pursue his vision of developing long-term careers in social media for many of the most successful models and influencers. At the same, he also realized the need to have an online reputation that can put him ahead of his competitors while pitching his services to various clients. Most of the interviews and feature articles under his profiles are very common in the PR industry and are sold in Packages. These publications merely publish anything with a disclaimer under their sponsor or brand content program.

Anyone can publish their own interviews and feature articles for $800 – $900 from the publication itself or alternately can use freelancing sites like or


Few of Nick McCandless paid interviews and feature articles on Indian Publications as well. Getting featured in these Indian publications is easy and cheap. Indian publications are known for doing paid articles and can be purchased from Facebook PR guest posting groups or Anything that you read below is just drafted for PR purposes.  It has no value for readers and is written by content writers.   For example, Mid Day cost $100 and Deccan  Herald $150.

Nick-McCandless Fake


Getting featured on USATODAY  is no more difficult as long you have a budget to get opt for their Sponsor Story program. His USA Today paid article shares his success story where he speaks about his business and how it helps upcoming models & influencers. When you are paying for the paid placement then there is no editorial review and fact check in sponsor content. Hence you have the liberty to glamorize yourself as much as you like and the below article is the perfect example of that.



When you have a decent budget and the right PR agency then getting featured on FORBES is a not difficult task. There are many Forbes contributors who do paid articles and Annie brown is one of them whom we covered in our publications. Nick McCandless Forbes articles by Annie brown is also Paid Article. She is now banned from Forbes after she is reported for her paid activity. 

The feature article on Forbes can vary from $3000  to $5000 and you can find many freelancers offering these services on and


Hope some publication really covers Nick McCandless organically instead of Paid.


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