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Melanie Fine, Forbes Contributor or Paid PR Services?




Forbes is a news outlet, media company, and publication that started more than a century ago. And due to its credibility, it has gained more importance in terms of Branding and SEO Purposes. The Publications may seem out of reach if you lack credibility.

The ideal way to get on Forbes always remains through Pitching yourself to the Contributor or by becoming the contributor yourself. If not then there is 3rd way that we call opting PR Services. PR Service Provider. They have a network of contributors through which they can get anyone featured. People usually opt for Forbes Service through Freelancing sites – Fiverr, PeoplePerHour or UPWORK.

Anyone into PR understands that the commercial to get featured on Forbes totally depends on the type of mention as below:

  • Brand Mention  ( Name +  Backlink ): Clients are mentioned in the form of a Quote or some insights giving them credit in the form of mentioning the Name and Backlink to the company  / personal website.  This is usually cheap compared to Feature articles.
  • Feature Article ( Interview or Business Journey ): The Client here is covered wholly in the article. Rather than a generic topic, the topic revolves around the client to make it look like an inspiring interview. This ain’t Cheap.

This prestigious publication may seem out of reach but it is not when you know where to buy this and from whom.  One such Contributor is Melanie Fine.  Melanie Fine is the author and founder of Rocket Girls bringing the stories of unsung scientific heroes to young people everywhere.


Melanie Fine in her Forbes column covered some great individuals and some insightful stories which are really worth sharing and reading. However,  some of the Articles are not really organic.  They are merely written to include paid clients. One of the great ways to list multiple clients is in form of  Listicles which is a common method used by many contributors/authors of various publications to include multiple clients. The benefit of this format is that you can mention multiple clients by offering cheap prices to each and at the same time it looks very natural.

The Topic selection for this article always remains Generic so that all clients can share the spot in the article irrespective of their Business Niche since everyone is an Entrepreneur / CEO  / Founder. Most of her paid mentions are in the form of mentions within the article with Backlink.

Her Authorship is now suspended and below articles are deleted from her Profile.


1. Ten Lessons Learned From Failure

Forbes--Melanie-FineMelanie Fine’s above article has 50% of clients who are paid mentions.  Those aren’t Naturals. Google Search of those  Entrepreneurs can take you to more of their Paid Mentions.  One of the Entrepreneurs – Johnwick Nathan himself has so many Paid Mentions which we have covered in this  Article.

2. Ten Leadership Lessons Of 2021

The above article has multiple clients who are known for their paid PR Activities.  Some of the clients such as Nick Defloria, Alexander MartinoMario Barth, and more. When you have $$$ then you can be part of a Forbes article, even a Tattoo Founder.

3. How To Choose A Business Mission That Inspires You Every Day

Similar to other articles, this article also contains mentions in form of CEO Name + Company Name + Backlink Format. It doesn’t take much rocket science to understand the listicle method in which each client is mentioned in form of a Quote.

Some of the clients are Maya Bernaia, founder of IamFuture, and Igor Vainshtein, CEO of 24/7 Golf

The Article sample can go on…


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