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Murtaza Rangwala, FilmyMantra & Fake Paid Articles




“Murtaza Rangwala is a Founder of, a Digital Marketing Consultant, and offers PR Services – Bio from Paid Article.

Murtaza Rangwala’s Paid article speaks about his early life struggle, his parent’s dream, and how he turned his life around by becoming one of the well-renowned entrepreneurs and digital marketers. Since he does PR for his clients, he is well aware of the Indian publications that publish any Interview or Feature Article under their Brand  / Sponsor Content.  Looking at the Paid  Articles, it looks like Mr. Rangwala’s sole purpose was to get verified or to use his own paid published articles as samples for PR Services.

He has his profile on Bharatpedia, which is a spin-off of Wikipedia that portrays him as a ”  famous Digital Entrepreneur, and Social Media Marketer from India“.  Seriously? When the articles are Paid, then you have the leverage to portray yourself in anything as you want.  Btw the profile on BharatPedia costs you $50 and anyone can buy it from Facebook PR Groups.

Apart from Bharatpedia, More  Profiles on IMDB  and Wiki Famous can be purchased for $50 from

Apart from  Paid  Articles,  he has really done some work helping Mumbai  Police in Cyber Security and he really deserves applause for that.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [At least complete the website rather than  keeping the template as it is ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Murtaza Rangwala being the founder of  [a website that covers entertainment niche ] enables him to be in touch with  Bollywood personalities indirectly which eventually gave him opportunities to click pictures with a few celebrities that he uses in his Paid Interviews / Feature Articles. is no more updated. Looks like another dead WordPress site that needs revamping. Hope he invests some resources for the website instead of investing in his own paid articles. Also, he needs to complete his own website too –

Nothing can enhance your credibility other than getting yourself covered in media outlets.  If you are not that credible enough for media to cover you then with $$$, you can get featured by opting for their Brand Content Option. Many of this come with a Disclaimer while some look Organic. So it’s a win-win situation. Being into Digital Media Marketing, Murtaza Rangwala understands the importance of Self Branding and Credibility Enhancement.  Hence we can see him investing a lot in Self Posted Fake Paid  Articles. None of the publications organically covered him. Those are 100% Fake and  Paid.

These Publications can be purchased at a price range of $100 – $600 from or Facebook Group. For Example,  an article on Outlook India costs – $250, Telegraph  India  $500,  DeccanChronicle $150, and more.


Update: We recently got many emails claiming that Murtaza Rangwala frauded them $$$$ in the name of PR and  Instagram  Verifications. This may or may not be True, but  Definitely, his Articles are Fake & Paid.

We now  look forward to more of his Paid / Sponsor Articles


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