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Murtaza Rangwala, FilmyMantra & Fake Paid Articles




“Murtaza Rangwala is a Founder of, a Digital Marketing Consultant, and offers PR Services – Bio from Paid Article.

Murtaza Rangwala’s paid & sponsored interviews speak about his early life challenges, his parents’ aspirations, and his remarkable journey of transformation, culminating in his status as a highly regarded entrepreneur and digital marketer. Given his experience in PR and branding, he possesses a deep understanding of Indian publications that offer the opportunity to feature interviews or articles under their Brand/Sponsor Content section. Upon closer examination of these paid articles, it becomes apparent that Mr. Rangwala’s primary objective may have been to attain verification or to utilize his self-published paid articles as reference materials for his PR services.

He has his profile on Bharatpedia, which is a spin-off of Wikipedia that portrays him as a ”  famous Digital Entrepreneur, and Social Media Marketer from India“.  Seriously? When the articles are Paid, then you have the leverage to portray yourself in anything you want.  The profile on BharatPedia costs you $50 and anyone can buy it from Facebook PR Groups.

Apart from Bharatpedia, More  Profiles on IMDB  and Wiki Famous can be purchased for $50 from

In addition to his paid articles, he has actively contributed to aiding the Mumbai Police in the field of cybersecurity, earning genuine applause for his efforts.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [At least complete the website rather than  keeping the template as it is ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


As the founder of, a website dedicated to covering the entertainment niche, Murtaza Rangwala has had indirect interactions with Bollywood personalities. These interactions have provided him with opportunities to capture photographs alongside some celebrities, which he subsequently incorporates into his paid interviews and feature articles.

Regrettably, it appears that is no longer being updated and may resemble another dormant WordPress site in need of revitalization. It is hoped that Mr. Rangwala allocates resources to rejuvenate the website, rather than channeling them solely into his paid feature articles. Additionally, there is a need to complete and update his own website,

Boosting your credibility often involves securing coverage in media outlets. If your credibility isn’t yet at a level that naturally attracts media attention, you have the option to invest in getting featured through their Brand Content programs, often accompanied by disclaimers, though some may appear organic. This approach can create a mutually beneficial scenario. Murtaza Rangwala, specializing in Digital Media Marketing, recognizes the significance of self-branding and credibility enhancement. Consequently, we observe him making substantial investments in self-published paid articles. It’s important to note that none of these publications have featured him organically; all are unequivocally paid and lack authenticity.

These Publications can be purchased at a price range of $100 – $600 from or Facebook Group. For Example,  an article on Outlook India costs – $250, Telegraph  India  $500,  DeccanChronicle $150, and more.


Update: We’ve received numerous emails alleging that Murtaza Rangwala engaged in fraudulent activities, involving significant sums of money, under the pretense of offering PR services and Instagram verifications. The veracity of these claims remains uncertain, but one thing is certain: his articles are undoubtedly fabricated and paid for.

We now  look forward to more of his Paid Sponsor Articles


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