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Nick Rogers, Pvsted Media & Fake Paid Articles




“Nick Rogers is founder of Business Driven Dream and Pvsted Media, Marketing Agency” – Bio from Paid Articles

As per his paid feature articles, Nick started Business Driven Dream after dropping out of his school. It is an Instagram page to educate people about entrepreneurship and business. He always felt that he is meant for bigger things and cannot work for someone. Soon, he launched a website that helped people find online courses, business news, and topic-specific articles. Recently, Nick launched a marketing agency called Pvsted Media which specializes in building both personal and business brands to help clients make an impact in their niche.

Nick Rogers’s articles mainly focus on how his agency is helping influencers and businesses build their social media pages and giving them genuine customers and followings. When money is involved, one can mention in the article whatever they feel like as the publications do not care about legitimacy or claims.  He has wisely used the below-paid interviews for branding on his own website [ ] as if those are real and organic mentions.




Being in the Digital media niche and service, Nick Rogers understands the importance of online reputation which can be enhanced through feature articles and interviews. Nick Rogers got his articles published in semi-premium and premium publications which he must be aware of as managing a digital agency has got him contacts and knowledge of where to get his articles published. He is very much aware of upselling his business in these articles and is seen giving advice and knowledge using his social media expertise. In a few articles, he talks about fake influencers while he is the one trying to be a so-called wanna-be Entrepreneur with below-paid publishing. It’s all fun and games when the articles are paid and fake. His achievements, struggle, and skillset may be true but the below paid interviews and articles that you can buy for $49 – $299




With the increased demand for Forbes for reputation management, Forbes is no more limited to credible individuals.  Instead, with a budget of $2000 – $5000, anyone can be featured on Forbes as long you have the right connection to a Contributor or PR  agency.  Nick Rogers Forbes article by  Mike Swigunski ( We covered him in our Forbes paid contributor list ) is 100% Paid. Btw Forbes Contributor Mike Swigunski was suspended from Forbes for his paid activity.


We look forward to some real media coverage instead of Paid ones.


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