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Aaron Civitarese, Podcast | BJK University & Fake Paid Articles




Aaron Civitarese, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, an enrollment coach, and a Podcaster – Bio from Paid Articles

Aaron Civitarese‘s Paid Interviews and Fake articles describe him as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a salesperson. Just like any other success story, Aaron Civitarese had a difficult start to his journey but eventually, he went on to follow his passion. Aaron is head of sales at BJK University which teaches people how to build their own Amazon FBA store with over 4500 active students and growing by hundreds every month. BJK University is founded by Bashar J Katou who himself did a lot of paid articles.  We have covered him in other articles. We can see Aaron in these paid articles mostly speaking or we can say “selling” his consulting program along with his podcast where he shares insights into business and sales.

Most of Aaron Civitarese’s old paid interviews and success stories are around him being a successful podcaster or tips and tricks for successful podcasting while his new articles are around him as an eCommerce expert that can help businesses achieve long-term sustainability through effective sales. Aaron understands the importance of Self Branding, hence we can see him investing in a lot of paid success stories which helps to enhance credibility. He made good use of the below-paid placements on his official website.

Aaron-Civitarese PodCast

His Expertise, Achievement, and Skillset may be TRUE but not his below interviews, feature articles, and success stories. Those are Brand  Content that anyone can buy from any Freelancing sites or any PR Services for $100 – $1000.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below paid Articles ]


Podcaster, Aaron Civitarese has spent $$$$ on semi-premium and premium publications which have helped him get verified on Facebook. In a way, these paid articles have turned out to be a great investment for him.  He has invested well in a lot of publications but failed to spend on good content. His articles are boring and monotonous. His content team should really work on his articles. Interviews published in the below publications are known for the “Pay to Publish” Model. These publications allow the user to post their content under their Sponsored / Brand Content Program. This gives leverage to write anything in the content. For Example – LAProgressive cost $100 while LA Weekly cost $200.

Anything you read below is self-drafted and paid for without giving any value to the readers.


Aaron Civitarese is also seen in Indian Publications. These publications are cheap and help in the verification process. We can assume that these articles were part of his verification process. These Indian publications merely publish anything you want as long you are paying them. You can purchase this Indian publication from any PR group on Facebook which cost around $50  – $250 each or sometimes in bulk as a Package.


Sometimes mess up do happen when it’s a paid placement. For example – The same Article is published with 2 different titles.


Aaron Civitarese’s mention in the article ” Top 5 Entrepreneurs Who Are Revolutionizing the Online Space In 2022 ” is sponsored and paid content. The article itself has the tag  “Promoted Content” which is self-explanatory of the article being paid. It is a PR method of clubbing multiple clients/entrepreneurs in a single article.  The commercial to post the article on Entrepreneur range from $1500 – $2500 and it has no credibility.


We look forward to more of Aaron Civitarese’s paid articles & interviews.


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