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Aaron Civitarese, Podcast | BJK University & Fake Paid Articles




Aaron Civitarese is a co-founder of BJK University, an enrollment coach, and a Podcaster – Bio from Paid Articles

Aaron Civitarese is depicted in paid interviews and sponsored articles as an exemplar of entrepreneurial success and a skilled salesperson. Like many other triumphant entrepreneurs, Aaron faced challenging beginnings on his journey, but he persevered to pursue his true passion. He is co-founder of BJK University, an institution dedicated to imparting knowledge on how to establish one’s own Amazon FBA store, boasting a community of over 4,500 active students and consistently expanding with hundreds more joining each month. BJK University’s origin traces back to its founder, Bashar J Katou, who, too, had a significant presence in paid articles, as highlighted in our prior coverage. In these compensated features, Aaron Civitarese is predominantly seen articulating and effectively promoting his consulting program. Additionally, he utilizes his podcast as a platform to share valuable insights on the realms of business and sales.

Earlier in Aaron Civitarese’s career, the majority of his compensated interviews and success narratives centered on his prowess as a highly successful podcaster, offering valuable insights and strategies for achieving podcasting success. In contrast, his recent articles and features cast him in the role of an eCommerce expert, demonstrating his capacity to guide businesses toward long-term sustainability through strategic sales practices. Aaron is acutely aware of the significance of self-branding, as evidenced by his investment in a plethora of paid success stories, a strategy that bolsters his credibility. These paid placements are strategically positioned on his official website, effectively reinforcing his personal brand.

Aaron-Civitarese PodCast

While his expertise, achievements, and skillset are undoubtedly genuine, the same cannot be said for the interviews, featured articles, and success stories attributed to him. These items are essentially branded content, readily available for purchase through freelancing platforms or PR services, often ranging from $100 to $1000.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below paid Articles ]


Aaron Civitarese, a podcaster and co-founder of BJK University, has allocated a substantial budget to secure placements in semi-premium and premium publications, a strategic move that ultimately led to his verification on Facebook. In many ways, these paid articles have proven to be a valuable investment for him. However, while he has made significant investments in securing these publications, there appears to be a shortfall in the quality of the content itself. His articles often come across as uninspiring and monotonous. It is imperative that his content team undertakes the task of enhancing the quality of his articles. It’s worth noting that the interviews featured in these publications are often associated with a ‘Pay to Publish’ model, where contributors can post their content within the framework of sponsored or branded content programs. This approach provides considerable flexibility in shaping the content as per the contributor’s preference.

For Example – LAProgressive costs $100 while LA Weekly costs $200.

Anything you read below is self-drafted and paid for without giving any value to the readers.


Aaron Civitarese has also been featured in Indian publications, a cost-effective strategy that contributes to the verification process. It’s reasonable to speculate that these articles were included as part of his verification efforts. These Indian publications have a reputation for readily publishing content for a fee, with a wide latitude in terms of content acceptance. Interested parties can acquire placement in these Indian publications through various PR groups on Facebook, typically costing between $50 and $250 per placement, or occasionally as part of PR packages.


Sometimes Publication does mess up when it’s a paid placement. For example – The same Article is published with 2 different titles.


Aaron Civitarese’s inclusion in the article titled “Top 5 Entrepreneurs Who Are Revolutionizing the Online Space In 2022” is a result of sponsored and paid content. The article prominently features the tag “Promoted Content,” clearly indicating that the article is paid for and sponsored. This practice is a public relations method wherein multiple clients or entrepreneurs are featured within a single article. The cost of publishing such an article on Entrepreneur typically falls in the range of $1500 to $2500, and it is important to note that such articles generally lack independent credibility.


We look forward to more of Aaron Civitarese’s paid articles & interviews.


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