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Suhit Amin, Saulderson Media & Fake Paid Articles




Suhit Amin, a Young Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Founder of Saulderson Media – Bio from Paid Article

According to his paid articles, Suhit Amin was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma, cancer that attacks the lymph nodes. But that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. He founded Saulderson Media, Talent Management, and Influencer Marketing Agency at the age of 18 years old. His Paid Interviews and Success stories revolve around how he has achieved big milestones at a very young age. His Agency not only deals in influencer marketing but also offers services like social media marketing, branding, and online reputation management.

Being a digital marketer himself, Suhit Amin is aware of self-branding and the importance of getting verified. It is obvious that apart from enhancing credibility, his purpose of paid articles is also to get verified (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are verified after doing below paid articles).  For someone in Digital and Influencer Marketing, the paid interviews, feature articles, and success stories can also serve as a sample for PR and Branding. So why not invest in some Sponsor / Paid Articles?

Apart from the below paid Interviews and Feature Articles. Suhit Amin does have some real media coverage. His Expertise, Struggle, and Achievements are Real but not the below Articles.

When you cannot be  approved on Wikipedia, then you can  pay $50  to freelancers and they  can  create  your profile on replica website of Wikipedia –

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after below Paid Articles ] [ Verified after below Paid Articles ] [ Verified after below Paid Articles ]


When you are in Influencer Marketing, having a verified badge to your profile adds weightage to your profile and pitching. Suhit Amin, the founder of Saulderson Media, is a digital marketing genius, and being in this industry, he is well aware of PR  and the source to purchase paid articles. He has used this medium to glamourize his so-called success and achievements.  You will notice that in his below paid interviews and success stories,  he is seen highlighting the fact that he is the youngest entrepreneur to achieve such success as if he is the only young entrepreneur to do so. Well, most of them aren’t even aware of the paid article practices.

These articles can be purchased from any freelancer sites such as  Fiverr or PeoplePerHour for $50 – $100.  You have the leverage to write an article about yourself and get it posted.  For example, Fox Interviewer cost $50, BangkokPost $99, etc.


Apart from the above spam publications, there are credible publications that allow you to post your own content under their brand content.  So basically anything read here is nothing but self-drafted and Paid for self-promotions. Anyone can directly buy the paid placement from the publication itself by contacting them. The Commercial varies from $600 – $1500.

Also, a few of his articles are either copy-pasted content or are poorly written. He may be spending a fortune on getting his articles published but isn’t spending enough on his content team. Either he isn’t aware of this screw-up or his PR service provider hasn’t informed him about the same. Some publications in hurry fail to copy-paste the whole article, instead pasted part of the article and messed up. [ Poorly Written ] [ Pasted the half article ]


Suhit Amin is seen sharing the spot with a fellow entrepreneur Kevin Beutler who is also known for doing paid articles and has been published in our publication. Sharing articles serve the purpose of getting your name in the ‘Title’ as well as saving few $$$. Also, getting published DialyCaller ain’t cheap.


He is really skilled and deserves to be on media outlets in an organic way instead of Paid.


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