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Umar Ashraf, Stock Market Lab | TradeZella & Fake Paid Articles




“Umar Ashraf, the founder of Ashraf Capital, Stock Market Lab, and TradeZella, a YouTuber and an Instagram Blogger” – Bio from Paid Articles

Umar Ashraf‘s paid articles describe his story as a successful one with a few obstacles. Umar started his career at a very young age. He always wanted to have his own business so he invested in opening up a property solutions company which didn’t turn out to be a successful one. Soon, he turned to the trading world and realized that trading will help him get his financial freedom. That’s how he started his company – Ashraf Capital. He didn’t stop there, he also founded Stock Market Lab to educate traders with relevant trading education. He has also mentioned that he has founded TradeZella which is a feedback tool. Along with this, he also has a youtube channel where he shares tips for trading.

Umar Ashraf has summed up his whole life in these paid articles and has done branding about his trading venture. He has invested a good $$$ to reach out to his target audience through paid interviews and feature articles. His achievements and struggle are real but not the below feature articles which are self-drafted and paid.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Umar Ashraf has done a lot of paid interviews and feature articles which has helped him in self-branding and also for verification. Social media blue tick is enough to prove your credibility and build trust among your followers. Umar has invested good $$$$ in below-Paid publishing which has worked in his favor. Also, when you are paying publications, you have the leverage to glamourize the way you want. Few Publications solely work on the “Pay to Publish” Model and anyone can buy this from or for $50 – $100 while premium publications cost around $599 – $999.  These articles come with a disclaimer which is understood that it is paid and sponsored content.

Many of the below articles look organic and natural.  However, it is not. These are usually sold in PR Packages by many  PR  service providers where the content is drafted by the content writer in bulk and published in the publication with the purpose of ” Name in  Title” which is mandatory for Verification. It is not surprising that Umar Ashraf’s brother Usman Ashraf also opted for paid articles.


Ashraf Capital, TradeZella, and Stock Market Lab Founder’s journey are inspiring so is his paid article campaign.


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