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Moyn Islam | Ehsaan Islam | Monir Islam & Fake Paid Articles




” Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan Islam are founders of BE and promoters of OneCoin.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Islam brothers are controversial and there is a lot of debate about whether they are really genuine or Frauds in whatever they promote. Instead of judging them, I will focus on their Paid PR articles. When you have $$$$ then it’s a wise decision to spend on Self Promotion. Feature articles Enhance your credibility and also supports Verification. Then why not invest in  Paid Articles? His actions are justified.

Update: Forbes Feature Article ( removed now ) was fake and paid under Brand Connect is removed after lots of people reported it. I am not sure why this website [ ] has Forbes as a keyword created. Seems like this is for SEO Purposes for their name. Later they invested  again  in Forbes mention and the paid  Forbes  article is  as below:

Here is the article that speaks about their dubious act

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified because of below-Paid Articles ] [ Verified because of below-Paid Articles ] [ Verified because of below-Paid Articles ]


Don’t be surprised covers Moyn, Ehsaan, and Monir Islam. Entrepreneur’s article that is published under Profile Shawn Sharma is nothing but a Paid Article. Basically, You pay $2000 to APAC for Paid posts and they publish the article under your desired Author Profile. In their case, it’s Shawn Sharma ( Check his article ), who himself did fake Paid Articles.


Considering the bad reputation they have gained over the years being part of Onecoin Promoters, It is understood that they have to do some Paid Articles. Publications such as Techtimes, Statesman, Influencive, LA WEEKLY, Disrupt Magazine are known for pay-to-publish. Like you pay $$$ and you post anything you want.

Everything you read here should not be taken seriously because these all are fake paid articles to promote themselves. All these Publications can be bought from or

Moyn, Ehsaan and Monir Islam

Below are Fake Paid Articles that you can buy at $50 – $500.

You will find Monir Islam [ ]  on Entrepreneur Promoting another Person -Spencer Vann through Paid Article. Spencer Vann himself did Fake Paid Articles which you can read here.

Hope We will get to see some Real Feature Articles about them rather than self Paid  Fake Articles to glamorize themselves.


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