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Stephanie Burns | Forbes Contributor offering Paid PR?




Forbes is an American magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. Published biweekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Forbes has geographical segments too- Forbes India, Forbes Italy, Forbes Mexico, and such. Due to its credibility and reach, it is one of the favorite publications when it comes to the PR and SEO Industry.

Getting Featured or Covered in Forbes [ Digital] has lots of advantages when it comes to Branding and SEO.
1. It adds credibility and increases exposure
2. It helps in Organic Reach and SEO Ranking
3. It helps to Verify your Social Media Profile [ PR Industry secrets ]

But getting Featured on Forbes is no cakewalk as you need to be a credible person or entity for them to consider you for their story or News. But over time, many contributors got inclined to monetary compensation and started featuring businesses and entrepreneurs in their columns. This contributor does not sell their Services openly but instead works with a few PR agencies or they themselves have PR agency. These contributors deny the allegation but being in the PR industry, we all have the dark side of it.

Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch. 

Contributors usually Feature these Entrepreneurs in form of Interviews or Feature articles where they try to cover their life struggle / Business Journey / Startup News keeping informative and neutral to make it look Organic or they club a lot of clients in a single article making it look like they have given their opinion. The Services can be either divided into Feature Article or Just 1 or 2 Line Mention. If you are looking to buy Forbes services, then instead of approaching this contributor who denies these paid mentions, you should visit Freelancers on or where you will find a lot of Freelancers offering services at $800 – $1500 for 1 or 2 mention and $5k – $7k for Feature Article.

One such Contributor who is into Paid PR Articles is Stephanie Burns. Stephanie Burns [ ] is the founder of The Wyld Agency,  Branding and PR Agency. Having brand building, media buying, strategy, and entrepreneurship experience, she understands the importance and value of featuring someone in her Column. She Covers Mostly Women Entrepreneurs in her Column. But when it’s about Paid  Compensation then she does cover a Few Male Entrepreneurs also that we will cover later below.

Stephanie-Burns Forbes

Stephanie Burns is smart enough to do some Real non-paid articles also in between which helps to keep her profile Clean. Here are some of her Paid Writings that look Organic but they are not.

Merging Clients in a Single Article:

Her Article ” Got Goals? Time To Get A Coach” is a perfect example of how you can club multiple clients in a single article with Quote and giving them credit with “NAME”, “POSITION” and” COMPANY  NAME”.  This is what it is called Brand Mention or CEO Mention in PR Industry / SEO Link Selling. Many of the Founders / Entrepreneur in this Article is known for their Paid Articles. You just need to pick the coaches mentioned in this article and Google them, You will find a lot of paid articles about them. Example:  Mike Ashabi whom we did Full Article or Charlie Johnson whom you can google out and find tons of paid articles.

She tried her best to make it naturally by not giving any backlinks to them. But half of the mention in this article is the clients who already have a lot of paid PR. so it’s not rocket science to understand the nature of the mention.

Stephanie Burns Paid PR

Zara Harutyunyan’s Feature Article.

Zara Harutyunyan is an Aesthetic specialist and nurse practitioner. She is also the founder of one medical aesthetics center- CRMC Aesthetics. Zara Harutyunyan’s feature article by Stephanie Burns is a  Paid PR article. We have covered Zara Harutyunyan on our website who has done a lot of Paid PR Articles.


Jason Humble’s Paid  Mention

Jason Humble is a Philanthropist, the Founder, and Chairman of Humble Capital Group. His Mention in Stephanie Burns’s article is a Paid mention. You can read about Jason’s paid article here who has done a lot of paid articles.


Anthony Mendez’s Paid Mention

Anthony Mendez is a health and fitness coach. He is also a co-host of the Sweat It Out Podcast and also runs a Full-Service Marketing  Agency – Fitness Pro Agency.  His Mention in Stephanie Burns’s article is a Paid mention. We have covered Anthony in our article here.


The List can go on…

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